Practice, Practice, Practice (My First Blog)

“How do I get to Carnegie hall? Just practice, practice, practice”…

I really can’t exactly remember when I first read this one, but if I’m not mistaken I read it from one forum ( It doesn’t makes sense at first, but then again I heard it on TV (and then again I can’t exactly recall when & where) after a while.

Well how does one really get there? However one does it, it really looks like one has to practice, practice, practice. And this is how I’ll start my first blog post on this page by getting out of my comfort zone – e.g. sofa, sleeping time, dormant mind, just to name a few – then practice, practice, practice.

My first practice will have to be doing my own Rockstar blog.

While doing this premier blog (if I may call it), I’m listening to INXS album Switch with its new vocalist J.D. Fortune who was picked from a long list of contestants on the reality show Rockstar INXS. Surprisingly this INXS green horn sings better if not very well since my wife and me last saw him on this TV show. With my preoccupied mind, I can remember just the last three contestants – i.e. J.D. Marty & Migs Ayesa – battling among themselves on who would become INXS front man. And eventually, J.D. got INXS nod, and I think he proved them right.

Right after I arrived home tonight, I switched on the TV just in time for the start of Rockstar Supernova show’s replay (delayed telecast was this morning). Currently, there are just 6 remaining contestants. The contest proper was started by Lukas who sang Nirvana’s lithium which in my opinion wasn’t rendered well. For this part of the contest I’d like to pick my top 3. They are:

Tonight’s # 1 is, Toby. I never like his performance since this show has started. I was even a doubting last week if he can pull a show with Supernova’s pioneers (Gilby, Tommy and Jason) although I agree that he fitted well for the vocals of that song. But tonight I guess, he made me a believer. He performed at first with Storm Large as backup for her version of Evanescence’s Bring Me to Life. He then sang Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell which is actually one of my favorites (you can guess my age now, right?). He got the crowd going and was able to get some girls come up on stage (luck mate!). I don’t know if the elements were just right – favorite song, right voice, and good performance – that made me make bet on him tonight. But whatever it was that he did, he did it great.

Second on my list tonight is, Dilana. Yes, Dilana. This controversial (a euphemism I can think of for all that she’s done) woman who is somewhat creepy for my taste, got my vote tonight. She did a great job singing Mother Mother which I actually thought as first was originally sang by Cindy Lauper * LOL *. She sang it with great voice, performance (I haven’t seen some kind of headbanging until tonight) and with deepest emotion that I can almost feel her angst in front of the TV. Yes, that good.

Third, is Storm Large. Beside the obvious reason that she’s a hottie and I actually don’t know if her name actually implies something deeper than just a name. I really hated the first portion of her Evanescence rendition and I was actually thinking she’d quit & just storm out of the stage in the middle of her performance so as to concede defeat. But behold, she got to the peak of her song and that I can almost say it was the original artist singing if only I weren’t looking at the boob (no pun intended) tube.

What really disappoints me tonight was Ryan Starr’s performance. I think it was his worst performance that I’ve ever seen. I was expecting him to sing Coldplay’s Clocks into almost perfection, but it never came. The piano stunts never impressed me as well, as it just compromised rather than accentuate his performance. The crawling move likewise made it look cheap & just plain copy cat.

Magni I think performed well, but I think his peers just keeps on overshadowing whatever he does. I likewise learned tonight that he is (or was?) from Iceland and that is one big factor that could pull him down due to lesser online/SMS votes assuming that only everyone from Iceland votes for him versus Ryan’s USA, Lukas’ Canada & Toby’s Australian voters. Hopefully, his campaign to call on more votes will help him tomorrow.

With all that said, I can conclude that Supernova will have a hard time picking their front man or woman in this case. I think I spoke too soon when I said to my wife that a woman doesn’t fit in this band. Well, I stand corrected. The pressure I on, and it’s on both sides o – i.e. the Judges and contestants. Whoever will win this contest, he/she deserves it! Someday, hopefully, it will be their CD playing while I write another blog.


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