Hello, Wifey : )

Until today, I’m still feeling the guilt of not being with my wife on the midnight of her special day. It has been her tradition to stay awake until the very first seconds of her birthday. In return I get to greet her first. Unfortunately this year is different as I was at work packing precious processors instead of packing a birthday gift.

So to make it up to you wifey, here’s one for you:

Being you…

Enhances my identity

Being caring…

Makes me appreciate your presence more

Being patient…

Teaches me to be one

Being understanding…

Encourages me to know compassion

Being funny…

Just tickles my funny bone

Being strong…

Makes me stay as one

Being loving…

Makes me love you more

Being a late greeter…

Gives me the excuse to write this one bad poem.

Happy Birthday!

I love you!


2 Responses

  1. me love you… a lot :-), there will always be next year… wifey

  2. Wow, sweetness and love are in the air! :P Happy belated birthday to your wife!

    Coincindentally, I call my GF “wifey”, too.

    Regards, man.


    PS. Don’t forget to check out BlogRush, it would give you traffic, as I posted here.

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