Mary’s in Town (or City?)

“Freedom!!!” – William Wallace, Braveheart

“Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for, in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it” – Ellen Goodman, RD Dec 2007 All In a Day’s Work


I’ve been holding on creating my first blog for this New Year, 2008. Why? Because I find my recent ones were leaning on my pessimistic side. And so for a couple of weeks I was like someone in rehab trying to control my urge to an addiction. I promised myself that I’ll start this year’s blog at least with some positivity in it. Well, I will try.

During the start of this work week – Sunday, I found a new way to entertain myself while in the bus to work. I shut the curtains, closed my eyes and tried guessing which part of the trip I’m currently at. Amazingly I’d rate myself 90% correct most of the time. So I find this “time killer” relieving that I was so enthused that I did it again on Monday.  But on Tuesday, I got an email message that meant I might not be doing it for long, thankfully? It says, “Please claim your guarantee letter”. Hmm, that one-liner worked like magic that day. It was like espresso in my blood. It got me excited.

That was the start of a covert operation that lasted for two days. The moment I got home and was greeted and asked by my wife if how was my day; I gave out only half-truth and half-lies. “It was another stressful day…I had a bad day”, I answered. I pictured myself as someone tied to a chair in gloomy room lit only by a swaying incandescent bulb but nevertheless not saying anything to my interrogators.  Deep inside, I was grinning hard like Joker in Batman.

The secret tasks include maintaining a poker face during our discussions; deleting any sent items on my cellphones and emails just in case she checks about anything regarding the car subject matter (I’ve emailed and texted a couple of people about this exciting update. Someone’s got to know); discreet bank account withdrawal. And of course, the execution of the main goal…getting the car.

D-day came. After waking up early (for my day-off) today, I got the perfect alibi – I’m going out for a birthday celebration of a colleague. I left home with my car documents stashed inside by backpack appearing to be just going for a casual beer party. Instead I was heading to Honda Cars Alabang.

I mentioned in my blog before that I’ve been there like a car buff’s ghost yearning for a subcompact sedan. Well that wish was granted at last. Just more than 4 hours after I arrived there and with several document signing and payments (there goes my savings!), I got out of the dealership with Mary, our lovely new Honda City. mary

Hurriedly yet safely, I drove and went back home. And to my surprise my wife still remained clueless when I arrived. She was thinking that the car was someone else’s. She can’t believe that it’s the car we’ve been waiting for. If I said I was grinning like Joker, I saw her grinned like Jim Carey in the movie, The Mask, when I confirmed that it’s ours. That broad. To say she was happy to see it, would be an understatement.

We gave Mary a quick trip together to Tagaytay, grabbed some Starbuck’s coffee and headed back home. That’s our way of breaking in the engine and the cup holders. Sweet.

Now this is New Year. Our New Year with Mary. Expect more blogs regarding her.

And by the way, ever wonder why we named it Mary? It was derived from my colleague’s name who is celebrating his 50th birthday today. Bawi na lang ako (I’ll make up for it) next time. But thanks for giving me a wonderful alibi.



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