August is just around the corner and I still can’t believe that I still have work to do. And of course, I’d like to keep it that way as long as possible. Contrary to what I’ve imagined how the 2nd half of this year will look like – after the gloomy, yet anticipated April 2 announcement – the environment at work still appears challenging enough, at least for me.

Although activity in my area seems to have significantly slowed down in the past few weeks, the pressure to meet commitments and deliverables remains unwavering as before. This means that feeling down and out for the count is just out of the question – at some point, I may slacken a bit but I still find the need to get back on track so as not to get left behind.

The recent stress which had me feeling a total mixture of emotions (from passing gas to collapsing and vice-versa) was the presentation of our 2nd quarter indicators to the next level managers and other key players. Its preparation started about a month before and the extraction and crunching of data almost took much of my time. What made it even more stressful is seeing some of the indicators in a down trend even if the reasons behind it are perfectly justifiable.

 Presentation day came and I felt that the 12-hour day is turning into a 24-hour vigil. Most of the time I just felt excited, jumpy and the butterflies inside my stomach kept on flapping their fragile wings. On that day the feeling of anticipation and anxiety was all over the place and even those senior to me felt the same way. Indeed, public speaking still remains to be one of the most common fears by most individual.

My turn to present came at last but in spite knowing that the foils are self-supporting and shows factual data, the fear of being questioned and not being able to answer was just overwhelming. If I remember it right, the last time I was into this predicament was when I asked for our wedding’s approval from my now father-in-law. I was focused yet awkward and the words were hard to come by.

Surprisingly, in the end, the horrible questions I was expecting from the start didn’t come. There were some inquiries, comments and advice that registered into my then half-conscious state but that was it. More surprising was getting a compliment from my direct manager who rarely recognizes a job well done. At least, I must have done something right. Whew!

I went home that night feeling proud and accomplished. I was even singing along with the FM songs inside the car like I’ve just been accepted in a job interview. And there’s no better way to cap the day than to treat my wife and I with a couple of slices of my favorite comfort food – a Red Ribbon black forest cake. Yummy!

With that event done, I now feel more ready to face another work-related stress. Whatever that is, I will surely know in the next days to come. 


evidence of stress

evidence of stress



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