Christmas on all perspectives


Just as Christmas brings a lot of emotions , activities, gifts, spiritual enlightenment and almost all other sort of things that the past eleven months failed to have, I realized that it would be a pity if one just looks at one aspect of this yuletide season. Of course, when you look at everything there’s always the chance to see both the good and bad side of it, that’s whether we like it or not.

The lyrics from the song Santa Claus is coming to town, “He sees you when you’re sleepin’, he knows when your awake, he knows if you been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake…” is a good reminder that December is the perfect time to check if we’ve been good or bad alright. Sadly, while some of us are reflecting if we have been good or bad, the latter still continues to be just around during this time of the year; and sadder than that, it may even occur in the midst of our holiday preparations despite our good intentions.

Like some doctors say, “I have a bad news and a good news…which one would you like to hear first?” I’d say, give me the bad news first.

Bad news

Road traffic. Everyone has experienced this I’m sure. Whether you’re in a public transport or in the comfort of your air-conditioned car this scenario is inescapable – unless you’re one of those shameless politicians (you know what I mean). It’s during this traffic jams that each driver’s (and some passengers) temperament and courtesy is tested. Often times this is when all yuletide cheers seem to just vanish into thin air. And more alarming lately are the incidents related to drunk driving. These drivers for sure won’t get any more Jack Daniels from Santa; not even flying reindeers – that is, if they’ll survive those car crashes. Ouch.

Long queues. As if after driving from a long tiring trip to the mall isn’t enough, there are more jams waiting inside the shopping areas. Once again, this is when and where temperaments, courtesies and patience are put to the test. Observing any long queue, one will most likely chance upon someone with Christmas gifts seen smiling at the end of the line but ends up like grinches (for whatever reasons) when they reach the cashier.

Trashes. I was so glad when I read from the Philippine Star about a reminder coming from Greenpeace (if I’m not mistaken) for everyone to put the environment in mind when planning for their respective Christmas parties. Always remember to reuse and recycle. It also won’t hurt to use some common sense when disposing your garbage properly. Let’s not piss Santa Claus so much that we’ll soon find our own trashes stuffed inside our yuletide socks instead of gifts.

Recession season. As the rest of the people are anticipating a merry Christmas and a happy new year, others are bracing for the impact of the economic slump which has affected the U.S. Its effect has rippled through the rest of the world already and one of the unavoidable outcomes is the number of layoffs by corporations from all industries. One of the giant employers affected by such is Intel and as a matter of fact several of my colleagues and friends will be jobless by next year (I myself almost lost my own but thankfully I made a U-turn after I applied and got hired for a vacant position). There’s nothing more I can do now but hope that their transition and recovery will be quick.

Whew! The list can go on. Does this mean Santa will have lots of checking to do and will have lesser recipients this year? Anyway, I’m not wasting more precious time…so this time let me tell the good news.

Time to give. This is I guess is the key to enjoy the Christmas season. Actually it’s the main reason why there’s Christmas to be celebrated after all. Remember the bible verse, “For God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son”? And do you still remember the three kings who had to endure a long and dangerous trip to pay baby Jesus a visit in the manger? These all show that the essence of this season is all about giving. It’s all about sharing. No more no less.

On my part, especially for this year’s holiday season, the presence of our baby boy must have an effect on how I give gifts. My long standing plan to go green by reusing what I have at home and to put some creativity to good use finally came true. Last year, I started saving the comic sections of the dailies as I see it as a good alternative for Christmas wrappers. I also pay extra attention to tips (on TV, newspapers, magazines) that may put some personal touch to the way we give. And so this year, I have already given a couple that I’m quietly so proud of.

The first one was when I was cramming for gift ideas for my father’s 75th birthday. After combing SM Bacolod, back and forth, I bought a small cheap plastic tool box (Ace Hardware), a silver ribbon and then a birthday card (National Bookstore). At home, I wrote in the card and placed some “Ninoy” bills inside the tool box and sealed it off with a lovely ribbon – with the help of my wife – presto, a unique gift indeed. Goodbye boring red envelope.

The second one was when I was preparing a gift for a colleague for our team’s Christmas party. Wondering how I’d hide any hint that it is a book, I arrived at the idea of putting it inside an empty 6-liter PET bottle. Then I stuffed shredded newspapers and wrapped the clear bottle with another newspaper. In the end it appeared more like a bomb than a harmless gift. Well, at least she got what she put in her wish list.

A thick message in a bottle - tranformation from book to crap.

A thick message in a bottle - tranformation from book to crap.

Tonight, we’ll have our own simple exchange gift giving at home. It will be just my wife, our 8-month old boy and myself. I don’t know if they’ll like what I did, but then again as the cliché goes, “it’s the thought that counts”. Hahaha. Looks like a good excuse for having crappy gifts and wraps.

Merry Christmas to everyone!




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  1. Merry Christmas Hobbes :D!

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