What the foos is all about


What do you do when you have really nothing more to do? This is one dreaded question that I had to ask myself today. I finally got tired of staring at the interactive online training and as much as I’d like to attend an instructor-led session, most of it has reached its walk-in participants limit. Now, I was among those left inside our cold gray cubicles facing chances of catching colds, boredom, carpal tunnel syndrome or drowsiness at the very least.

There must be something else out there that will keep me occupied until the end of our working hours. Well, I’ve checked and re-checked emails; refilled my coffee mug for the nth time; got myself exhausted with cubicle hopping with the hope of getting someone to talk to; and have listened to every Journey mp3 songs that is in my laptop’s hard drive. If I have to repeat the whole process again I’d be so damned and lonely – the long line of cubicles in my area is so empty that someone opening a trash can several columns away can be easily heard.

As desperation sinks in while I sit on my ergo chair watching my wristwatch’s second hand tick by, It was when I heard the most redeeming invitation of the day, “Cris, laro tayo foosball (let’s play foosball).” Hmmm, the last word sounds familiar yet so foreign. But who cares, when there’s no more work to do what else is next? Yes, play is next.

Moments later I found myself in front of the table with a recessed center and small plastic red and blue men appearing at first to be skewered to stainless rods and with its handles protruding on each sides of the table. I was elbow to elbow with another colleague while we try to push, pull and twist the rods to flick some miniature white soccer ball against those from the other side. I was the slowest but I think I was the happiest player that time. It was my first time to play with the most popular table in our company nowadays – the foosball table.

Photo by: Pedro Moura Pinheiro

Photo by: Pedro Moura Pinheiro

This foosball table was introduced last year and was first placed in one of the activity rooms along with the billiards table. Since then several employees have filled their curiosity and have even sneaked out during work hours just to play with it. It didn’t took long for them to get hook and when management noticed about the missing headcount inside the production floor, it was later transferred in front of the canteen area to deter employees from just hanging around. Even then, it didn’t fail to attract its addicted fans. Consequently, it got an infamous reputation from most managers – I was one back then.

After watching the expert players intently as before and having played two games (despite being terrible and awkward) already, I now know why it has such following. I discovered that it isn’t like just any child’s play that one aimlessly hits the ball until it passes the stiff goalie. This game requires strategy between partners. It likewise requires skillful ball handling, which to my surprise my partner and our opponent have shown effortlessly. Today I became a fan of this game.

My realization about enjoying this game may be too late already. But with the current business condition wherein work has significantly slowed down and we’ve got nothing more than time on our side, I guess I’ll be seeing a lot of those skewered plastic men in the next days ahead. I still have less than two more months to go and I might as well enjoy it and spend some time learning the back and wrist-breaking game of foosball – if only I can patiently wait behind the long queue of eager players.


Picture credit: Pedro Moura Pinheiro



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