Twitter: doing what?

My abundance of nothing but time has made me a sucker for social networking sites. And when I saw this morning the article 10 Ways to Build Your Blog Community with Twitter my mouse led me to it as if it was an Ouija board pointer. I was in in seconds. Soon enough I was reading, “What is Twitter?” which was followed by a very brief no-brainer description and the very last line states: what are you doing right now? Hmmm. Here I go again.

I dont know who else cant answer the question.

I don't know who else can't answer the question.

As simple as it appears, being asked what am I doing right now, has the same effect to me as when cops order their suspects, “Freeze!” That’s because it makes me pause for a bit or so and would actually think if what am I really doing. Or worse, am I really doing something in the first place? For me these are tough questions. 35 days from now, it will be tougher.

I’m one of those people who consider the word doing as something being done with an effort and to give answers such as “I’m surfing the net”, “reading blogs”, “watching TV”, “drinking coffee”, “watching paint dry” or “I’m killing time” gives me guilt – I can obviously do these without even thinking. And then social networking sites entered my life.

Weeks have passed by and I’ve been a regular facebook crowd. So far I’ve gathered a large group of friends, most of which are my colleagues and some are schoolmates. Others are my mafia – if you know what I’m talking about. I’m now one of those itching to type something in the “What’s on your mind?” field. I just don’t know if I’ve sleepwalked just to fill in something new. Hahaha. Needless to say, I enjoy just hanging around. In fact, I love being there that I cancelled my Friendster account at last because I never liked it to begin with.

Today, I find another good one – I’ve been receiving invites in the past but just like facebook invites last year, I’ve ignored it. It’s the catchy article that got me hooked since I know that I’ll be in the blog world most of the time starting on May. That is, if our energetic baby will allow it; which reminds me by the way that I’m a full time Dad today. Now, if that doesn’t answer the question: what are you doing right now? I don’t know what will. Believe me, to say that it’s done with an effort, is an understatement. Shhh…he’s waking up. Bye for now.

Cris is now keeping a close watch of the baby.” Ti abi.




 Mood: 3/10 Honks!


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