More on the Chip Tsao Issue

Someone posted a very long comment on my recent post about Chip Tsao and I tried writing my reply on the comment field but it’s too long to be in there. And so this blog is intended as a reply to that.


Wow! I was overwhelmed by your comment, but let me try to answer one point you presented:

Your analogy about the reaction to the girlfriend-called-whore-incident may be valid…IF AND ONLY IF it was the first time that it was done to me. Obviously, and out of testosterone power, the immediate reaction could be as more violent than the act itself. HOWEVER, if, on another instance, I’m once again walking with her and out of nowhere ANOTHER guy comes along shouting and calling her whore for everyone to hear, then I might think, “hey, there must some valid reason why everyone is calling her a whore.”

This second scenario is where we are currently at. I can’t recall how many times we’ve reacted like most of us did with Chip Tsao but I can say that we’ve reacted very inappropriately.

Most of us attacked the BBC when the pinay katulong thing was shown. Later, we all learned that the Filipina actress who portrayed as the maid agreed to play the script. And so probably after that, the British have looked for other races to be cast in their shows thinking that Filipinos cannot appreciate their humor because we are too busy “protecting” the rights of our workers abroad.

Most of us were also angered and demanded public apology from Teri Hatcher when she mentioned something about not wanting any doctors coming from the Philippines in of the episodes of her show, Desperate Housewives. Once again, wrong person was targeted. She was only saying what was written in her script. Secondly, we got so offended but most of us are fully aware of the existence of diploma factories in Carriedo. That I attribute to corruption. We really need to do better come 2010.

I also remember we we’re all out when Claire Danes commented on Manila being a land of cockroaches. Yes, that may be wrong generalization, but then again, let’s face it, there is truth to that. And such is the same with Chip Tsao’s article. Let’s be frank, how many of us will disagree that we send to Hong Kong a lot of domestic helpers? I’m neither being sarcastic nor offending, but yes, we send a whole lot. In fact, I know one and I’m proud of her.

Once again I will make it clear that I recognize the fact that a demeaning remark was made by Chip Tsao. What I just don’t understand why there’s so much negative hype, emotion and effort (like writing this comment) being wasted on such issue. And I can’t think of a better comparison to what we are currently doing but we’re like one big mob. We only join forces when we are stirred. Matapang lang tayo kung may kukuyugin. Once the issue subsides, we are all back to our own old ways not until another one calls or writes something derogatory about us. That to me is really pathetic.

Let’s all start identifying the main problem first before we make solutions. It’s just basic problem solving. If we don’t do this, we make loose actions that do nothing more than aggravate the problem, sever our diplomatic ties and lessen our life expectancy. Finally, I’d leave with this, which I know every Filipino will understand, “And hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan, di makararating sa parurounan.” Let’s remember and learn from the past. Let’s face the truth and deal with it. And if we don’t we might as well start appreciating more articles like what was written by Chip Tsao.

Thanks once again for dropping by, reading my blog and giving your well written argument. I’m not offended by it.

Hopefully, this will be my last post on this issue; although, I like the fact that it has boosted my blog hits. Isn’t this what they call, bad publicity is still publicity? Hmmm.



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