A domestic flight like no other


Ho hum! I’m still trying or just about to recover from yesterday’s flight. I won’t call it jet lag, firstly, because others would argue that there isn’t such thing; secondly, it’s because we didn’t cross a continent or so. After all, it was just a flight coming from Manila to Bacolod. No big deal, huh.

Yesterday’s flight though wasn’t routine. For whatever reason my wife and I both seem to have lost our perception of time and distance. It must be the intense summer heat (and humidity); maybe it’s because of the packing of several baby stuffs (stroller, cans of baby formula, etc.); or it may even be because we’re trying to catch up on the rerun of the recent Malaysian F1 race (and in effect thought that we can change slick tires along the way). Whatever it was, it almost cost us our flight.

Try to imagine this. Our departure time is1800H. Sharp. At around 1710H we’re still stuck at coastal highway with a couple of kilometers more of bumper to bumper traffic up ahead. Then, when we arrived at Park N Fly, we anxiously spent 10 minutes more of idle time before the shuttle van finally became available. And as if it isn’t the worse yet, we spent approximately another 10 minutes more at the NAIA Terminal 2’s check-in counter while I try hard to hide my impatience and frustration with the airport personnel who seem to do everything in Time Warp slow mo.

After the dragging moments, and with the last stop at the terminal fee counter, I was running ahead of my wife, while she cuddles our innocent baby boy. I can’t remember exactly how many boarding gates we passed by but I’m quite sure it was the fastest I did so far at the airport (faster than what I did in LAX yearrsss ago) just to learn, after reaching gate S1, that our flight has been delayed for 35 minutes more. Ti abi.

So when is the audition for Amazing Race Asia, anyway?


One proof that we made it to our flight.

Did we get inside through this exit dad?


Just chilling in Silay airport's baggage claim area.



Mood: 2/10 Honk!


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