ABS-CBN: Confusing media

I was watching prime time news last night and this might be one of this week’s top news – the Ted Failon issue. This is shocking as any other news delivered by ABS-CBN.

I was never a fan of Ted Failon, but what I find sad and sickening about this story is the confusing message that ABS-CBN, his own network, is trying to communicate. While they posted this appeal on TV, and of course in their website, “We appeal to everyone to please respect the privacy of Ted Failon. His wife is fighting for her life”, they were the first one who reported unconfirmed and confusing statements live on TV Patrol. So where is the respect in that?

In my opinion, this just goes to show the real intent of prime time news delivery: to capture audience attention, to claim they got the freshest, and never ever the least, to top the ratings. News reports don’t care whether you’re an ordinary man on the street or the one who used to deliver the news live on TV. Forget about real sympathy, compassion and respect to privacy; these aren’t among the considerations. Sensationalized news is the name of the game. And to think that ABS-CBN call themselves Kapamilya.

If ABS-CBN is really true to their words when they call for respect to privacy, they should not have prematurely reported this news. They should have let this pass for a while, set everything straight, and let Ted Failon talk about it at a later time whether he is guilty of the allegations that he shot his own wife during an argument or if his wife attempted to commit suicide due to financial woes – as reported in their website.

A true kapamilya doesn’t broadcast his own family member’s problem, be it major or minor, until such time he says that he is ready to do so. A true kapamilya should not say any allegations, especially on live TV, just because they’d like to let the public know (and just because Ted Failon is a public figure). A true kapamilya should protect the interest of his own member until all the facts are straightened. A true kapamilya shows respect first when they call for everyone to show respect.



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  1. What is the ** problem with these policemen, the testimony of the relatives and their other personnels are obviously similar and true enough to end this case for good, AND WHATS WITH THE BLOODY OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE!!!!, let me give you people the meaning of that http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obstruction_of_justice and you’ll be the judge for it…now I am pretty convinced why we left philippines because of these bloody damn corrupts and stupid police and add to that THE GOVERNMENT SYSTEM!!!…I am giving my sincere condolences to the relatives of Sir Ted Failon…It was dreadful when I heard about this news earlier…

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