Relearning English


In my continuous quest to learn English, this week I started attending a call center training (against several odds) that will go on for one week. And although I prepared myself to be corrected, all that mind setting did little to help suppress the shock I got the moment I heard our trainer speak. Man, I haven’t heard such good and fluent English spoken in front of me in a long while.

The fluency of our trainer with English once again got me humbled and speechless, literally. I feel as if I was totally ignorant of this language the whole time. It may be because although I’ve been blogging a lot for a couple of years already, I really haven’t had the chance to converse regularly in English. And if ever I had such chance to speak with someone at work, the conversation did not come any near to what I’m currently hearing while inside the class. I’m not saying that there’s no one in my current company who can speak impressive English, but it’s just that there’s a very big difference compared to the call center standard. And it has something to do with what they call the American thwang.

Learning the America thwang, accent or pronunciation – it’s funny that even this word is hard to pronounce – is what majority of this call center training is all about on top of my ever “favorite” grammar discussions. We’ve also practiced listening skills and yesterday, we also did a very long tongue twister that by the end of the class my tongue was just as tired as my mind. Our trainer has also suggested that we evaluate our typing skills by downloading the Typing Master application — at least it confirmed that I can still do a decent 50 wpm with 95% accuracy.

There will be three more sessions to go and I’m excited to learn more. And as painful and embarrassing as it may seem, I’m opening my mind to what is being taught for this week I’m relearning English. I kill me. Hahaha.


This is how it looks like coming out of the tongue twister session.

This is how it looks like coming out of the tongue twister session.




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