Annoying movie companion


Have you ever been in a situation when you were with someone annoying inside the movies and yet you can’t seem to do something about it? Well, we were yesterday.

Imagine this. After months of being kept away from relaxing on the soft padded seats, dark yet comfortable room illuminated only by the lights along the aisles and of the ever changing projection on the silver screen, you finally had the chance to bring this someone with you to watch the perfect movie.

And after treating this someone to a hearty lunch in one of your favorite restaurants your group formed a beeline to the ticket booth with almost everyone excited and anticipating that within the next few minutes everyone will indulge themselves to pure cinematic sensation that is way different from what the boob tube at home can offer.

Eventually, you all reached and entered the doors of the cinema and being a good host of this gimmick you glance at your guest expecting him to at least glance back to show his appreciation. But instead, for a moment he seems to have chosen to ignore you and would rather focus on the trailers being played as if it were already the featured film. “Well, that’s good enough…at least he’s one that doesn’t talk in the movies”, you reminded yourself, a bit disappointed.

But soon as the movie started he gets jumpy and annoying, and he began to look at you and your partner, just a little short of saying that he needs to discuss something while the scenes flash on the wide screen. This time it’s your chance to ignore him back, while looking around if there’s someone near your seats who might be already irritated of your group’s restlessness.

He smiled, he grunted, he stood up and sat down, and he did almost the complete opposite when you first entered. At some part of the film he fell silent and focused once again, with you thanking good heavens. Unfortunately at some part he did the whole thing all over again as if on purpose. The worse came when he demanded for you to give him a drink and that was when you almost lose your cool. Some people are just mean, aren’t they?

So what do you think I did with this unruly guest? Did I give him the seemingly effective shhhh? Or did I whisper to him that he better stop it or he’ll be out? Well, no. None of those. What can I do, he’s our one-year old baby. Besides, it’s just his first movie and Monsters Vs. Aliens is for him after all. Hahaha. Kids will be kids.

Not bad. At least, the ticket lady believed that our little son is already 1-year old.

Not bad. At least, the ticket lady believed that our little son is already 1-year old.

Ice Age 3 is next. Hope he wont sleep like he did in MVA.

Ice Age 3 is next. Hope he won't sleep like he did in MVA.



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