Expect a crazy site


I want to tell you that I expect a good site, eh?!

You can make this site look good, right?

I’m on the process of changing my blog site’s theme and some of you might wonder why the site’s appearance will change every now and then. Don’t freak out, you’ll still be on the same marcuscanblog.com (formerly crisn.wordpress.com) and every blog will still be available although its orientation may change a bit.

I don’t know how long will it take me to decide on which theme will be the right one, but I’ll try to get the final design within a week. Currently my site’s theme is called Contempt and it is only a two-column theme (frankly, I’m having some sort of separation anxiety with the mere thought that I’ll be replacing it); and with the intent to have some ad banners posted, I’m now looking for a decent three-column design with a customizable header.

Definitely, I will also change this site’s title from Killing Time is Blogging Time to Marcus Can Blog for reasons that I’d like to get rid of the negative connotation by having the word Killing and of course, the site will be named after our son, Marcus. If he’ll be proud about it, we’ll know as soon as he learns how to talk and walk. Hahaha.



Mood: 3/10 Honks!





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