A vacation like no other

(Bolinao: day 4)


This title, and a short unfinished sentence, was all I’ve written yesterday afternoon when we decided to get out of the room to take a look around the seemingly empty resort. From our cluster we can just hear some newly arrived group of people occupying the resort’s huts facing the beach. The rest of the mansion clusters around us are unoccupied, silent…and lonely.

Seconds after this shot, I turned pale and had to be carried back to our room.
Seconds after this shot, I turned pale and had to be carried back to our room.

We headed straight to a nearby cluster on its second floor rooms to see the overlooking view and to take some pictures of it. And since there’s just no more guest roaming around the pool area, I thought its a good time to shoot it as well. My photo shoot continued just until the playground (where Marcus’ favorite monkeys are located) and that was when I all of a sudden felt light-headed and nauseous. My wife also noticed that I was indeed becoming pale; and eventually it worsened. Trying to stay up, I advised her to ask for help.

It was a good thing that help came in a short while. Some resort staff (and I learned today, that a guest helped as well) carried me back to my room with wifey and son tagging along, worried. While lying on the bed and while in my half-conscious state I can hear people bustling in and out of the room – some brought along medicine, water and an ice pack. Then it was followed by a couple more who checked my blood pressure reading. I got 120/80. Good news.

That event left us unable to get out of the room until night time. My wife had to order pizza instead and had it delivered to our room. For the first during this vacation I ate dinner without beer. Bad.


The reason why I drafted this post with such title is because I was actually thinking that there are just so many factors that made this vacation so different from what my wife and I have gotten used to.

Long drive. We’ve been to Mindoro, Bacolod, Subic and even as far as Kuala Lumpur. But during those times it’s just either a short drive or we traveled by either boat or plane. This trip to Pangasinan however, got me behind the wheel for almost ten hours, and I find it really good that at least my wife took over from NLEX ’til the end of SCTEX.

School works. Other than the stuffs that we normally packed, this time I brought along a couple of books to read, not for leisure but for school assignments; and it got me occupied for a couple of hours every day. (Interestingly, the accounting book I’m reading makes me understand why the resort is so pricey, but it’s for another blog post which hopefully I’d write soon).

Bum vacation. Having no work to worry about, the thought of getting unexpected phone calls is the least of our worries. Though it is probably a good thing, there’s an obvious effect to being jobless – I’m now conscious of everything we spend. And what’s worse is that we got into a resort where what we spend for food is almost comparable to eating twice a day in Saisaki. Like last night, while I was recovering from my headache, the price of the pizza almost made me collapse once again. Hahaha.

Having a baby. I realized that having a baby during a vacation, and to mention, a long trip, has its advantage and disadvantage – other than the fact that his stuff is more than half of ours and that traveling light isn’t applicable anymore.

What’s good about it is that the feeling that we’re bringing along someone whose innocence make him appreciate almost everything around him and that being a parent, we get the chance to tell him all about the trivia behind those things and feel proud about it. It’s also heartwarming to see him discover nature and every smile that follows makes every effort worthwhile.

The bad thing (well, it’s more really just a disadvantage) about it though, is that there are now limitations of the things that we used to do. We just can’t be on the go all the time, because there are things to be dealt with – baby’s health, feeding, nap times and my “favorite”, tantrums.


Here are other photos I took before feeling ill:


Shot of the empty clusters coming from the deck of another empty cluster.

Shot of the empty clusters coming from the deck of another empty cluster.




The resorts pool - my favorite place.

The resort's pool - my favorite place.

Way to the beach and the dining areas.

Way to the beach and the dining areas...and our son's favorite monkeys.


Next: Day 5


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