The story of the feather pillow


I have been longing to tell this story that I heard from the previous parish priest in Manggahan, Cavite. And now is just the perfect time.

There once was woman who approached a priest and said, “Father, I need to confess about having spread gossips about my friend. What should I do?” The priest then said, “Go grab a feather pillow, climb up to the belfry’s peak, tear the pillow and spread all of its content and go right back here.” 

The woman surprised about the priest’s weird instruction, still proceeded anxiously and went to grab a feather pillow and followed just as told by the priest. After a short while, panting heavily after running up and right back down, she happily told the priest, “Father, it’s all done, just like you have said. Now what?”

Smiling, the priest then said, “Go out of the church and gather every feather that came out of the pillow.” The woman’s eyes widened in disbelief and blurted, “But father, that is just impossible, some of the feathers were blown by the wind so far from the belfry and so far away from the church’s ground. I just can’t collect every feather even if I wanted to.”

Miss, that’s exactly the same thing you did when you spread the gossips about your friend. No matter how you try getting everything back, you just can’t do enough to recall what has been said”, the priest simply replied back. The woman shook and bowed her head in regret.

I can very well relate to this story especially during the time when I was one of the board members of our village. As much as I’d like to unify the eering officers, I just cannot. So much have been said already, unfortunately, not to the concerned person but to other people in the village. This made one issue which may have been resolved if timely discussed among the people involved. Unfortunately, it became one that cannot be fixed anymore as each of those who have heard about it re-told the story to others as well but this time most likely with a twist; it’s either more or less of the original story thus complicating everything in the process.

Getting hopeless and fed up, I finally decided to quit. But sadly, it didn’t stop there. Until now I am affected. I hate to think about it, but most likely, I’m also a victim of loose tongues and idle minds. Bad. Very bad. I don’t know now, what I’ll do next, but we’ll soon see. 


This story is also applicable to the current hot topic in Philippine media – the Hayden Kho/Katrina Halili sex video scandal. It’s a pity, but the video has spread rapidly, thanks to the producers of these pirated copies. This is one hopeless case. Even if our law enforcement agencies, the OMB (Optical Media Board) and our beloved Congress gets to round up every bit of copies and stop its further proliferation, some of it will likely remain inside hidden in private hard drives or even in the innocent looking minute flash drives. Tsk, tsk, tsk.


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