Accounting took over blogging


Eight weeks ago I was expecting my self to fill my need to blog with gusto. Obviously it didn’t came to be that way since I soon got myself pretty occupied ,just like I’ve mentioned before, with so many things (except for work). For the past few weeks it was all about Accounting.  

If my recently spreadsheet-crammed mind serves me right, I already made it a habit to turn off the TV immediately after I get my daily dose of local prime time news. From that time on and almost until midnight, I’m hunched over my thick Manegerial Accounting book and syllabus booklet trying to solve every exercise and problem. The only time I’d have a break is during my regular peek at my Facebook’s and Twitter’s page (which I soon learned to fully ignore during the last few days). And among my nightly routine of course is filling my mug with hot coffee and making one for my wifey who’s usually watching her favorite (but my hated) telenovelas in the room, surfing the net and while watching over our sleeping baby boy all at the same time.

Somehow, and thankfully, all those efforts made me understand more about this subject matter that I’m actually starting to like it already however late – last Friday was our last session and the final exam paper will be submitted after two weeks. So tomorrow, just after two days of taking a break from seeing rows and columns of numbers, I might be back to our dining table again, analyzing one company’s income statement hoping that those nights spent studying will result to something fruitful. And sooner of course, I’d like to put everything to practical use because knowing the concept is one, applying it is another.


What amazes me though is that while I’m away from blogging, my page still gets hits after hits as if I’m blogging the way I used to be. Nice, huh. To those who made it possible, thanks for dropping by.


I think I forgot to notify some of my blog visitors that I finally decided to use the domain to replace (although clicking or typing this URL will direct one to since I got tired and hopeless making it work with my supposedly self-hosted blog (from It’s not that I’m quitting and letting a couple of thousands of 2-year subscription fee get lost in the world wide web, but I’m taking time off trying to figure it out. I might get another domain instead as soon as I find time to do it.


 Mood: 3/10 Honks!


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