Touchy Feely


It’s early morning. First day of another week at work. The airconditioner’s monotonous hum making the wait for another meeting with the boss as uneasy as it can be. Good thing there’s a mug, on top of my own leather-cladded office table, filled almost to the brim with the freshly brewed coffee from the nearby fully-furnished pantry. At least it will mask my cold and yet sweaty hands just in time I guess for a ritual-like handshake before each monday meeting with the person known to always wear those seductive minis yet still appears to be less appealing than the thought of being infected by the hyped flu virus in the office. We’re in for another UFC-like corporate meeting – where when financial figures are crunched, a tapout seems to be the most humbling yet the most appropriate thing to do just like inside the real fighting octagon.

The dreaded meeting started. As expected hands where shaken, although in a manner closely equal to that when Judas Escariot made his historic kiss. Tablet notebooks were opened as if in unison; everyone so eager to present his own report; everyone already looking forward to calling it a day; everyone so eager to get the meeting over with. And the boss despite being in her usual red lips, well-parted black hair, partly exposed breast and the famous seductive minis doesn’t seem to attract one bit of attention of everyone but one. Me. Interestingly, she does look like she’s interested as well to hear what I’ve got to start the week with. And just as I was about to proceed in front, with the confidence that was created mostly by the recent caffeine intake, I all of a sudden feel a tingling sensation just inside my well-pressed black slack’s pocket. It became persistent and the more I resisted it, the more it sent vibrations that just cannot be ignored…few more seconds…few more seconds…

Snap! I find myself inside a room totally different from where I just was. I was daydreaming while holding my new touch phone. Damn. What an effect this small wonder has on me. This Nokia 5800 after all, is a bum’s dream come true. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Time to hit the sack and for tomorrow will be another day. Another day of fiddling and discovering what this perfect bum tool has to offer. Hahahaha. Will post my complete review soon.

For starters, you now know it comes with a stand : )

For starters, you now know it comes with a stand : )





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