Gotcha brother!

Just recently I was printing several pages of school term finals paper when I encountered once again my printer’s low/replace ink prompt. Having solved this problem before, I confidently opened the ink slots and tried shaking the cartridges just like what I did a couple of months ago. But despite number of attempts, the printer this time seemed to have known what I’m trying to do – fool him – and he’s trying to put up a good fight by displaying the error again and again which frustrated me more every after each try.

After stepping back and trying to think, logically and technically this time, if what seems to be the real problem and what might solve it, I peeked inside the ink slots and immediately saw what needs to be done. There it was staring right back at me – optical sensors. I almost cursed myself for not having thought about it the first time I encountered this problem.

Arrays of optical sensors which detect if ink is still present in the cartridge.

So what’s the fix? All it took me was a black marker pen to block the transparent window making the optical sensor “sense” that the cartridge is still full. And this time, the solution worked like magic. Now I’ve got unlimited ink…well, hopefully I won’t get caught unprepared when it actually runs out of ink while I’m in the middle of printing a much needed school essay. 

By marking the transparent window, the optical sensor will "think" that the cartridge still has enough ink.



Warning: this solution will just work temporarily. This is one flaw I’ve noted regarding the design of this printer because it prompts an empty ink when in fact there’s still about one-fourth (that’s approx P100 being wasted) available ink that may be used for several print-outs. Make sure to check every now and then if the ink cartridge is about to go totally empty.


Honk: 2/10 Honks! (just had buko pie for lunch)



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