The Nokia 5800: a perfect bum tool

This lovely piece of cellphone, coming from the Finnish company, has been with me for more than a week already after I succumbed to my wife’s persistent request to have my almost 3-year old Motorola L6 replaced. Besides, the old cellphone is becoming to be a cause of a failure-to-communicate symptom since its speaker conked out due to countless falls and misuse; and needless to say, in my current bum status, not clearly hearing an initial job interview over the phone is a no-no – justification, justification, justification.

So far since I bought it though, I haven’t had any calls. But why should I care, this phone after all isn’t just a phone. If there’s one phone that will make one happy even while his much awaited calls seem unlikely to happen, it is the Nokia 5800. There’s just so much to this phone that job hunt frustrations can be easily forgotten and that killing time can become a habit.

But as much as I’d like to give it a technical review, I’d rather direct you to tech sites like Yugatech who has a very subjective review of it and instead I’ll post briefly what I like and don’t like about it.

The touch pad meets my expectations although I’ve read that upgrading the firmware version from V11 to V21 will improve the touch pad’s response. Right now I care less (and might not care about it in the near future after learning from Nokia Care that it will take at least 2 hours to do the upgrade).

This model is part of Nokia’s ExpressMusic series and true enough, the sound is incredibly crisp (either using the earphone or the loudspeaker). I don’t recommend connecting it though as an input to the car’s stereo as the MP3 quality varies and that it affects the volume of each music that other than watching out for potholes while driving, one might have to deal with adjusting the music volume all at the same time – very dangerous.

The 3.2 MP camera is great for shots under bright light - daytime and just like any other low quality/resolution cam, it doesnt perform well under low light condition.

The 3.2 MP camera is great for shots under bright light - e.g., daytime - and just like any other low quality/resolution cam, it doesn't perform well under low light condition.

The Nokia 5800 comes with a 3.2 MP camera that by today’s standard is mediocre. But ever remember the phrase, “you get what you paid for”? Well, you should. Paying P14,900 for a phone one shouldn’t expect an SLR-like quality. Duh! Don’t get me wrong though, for a bum, for a blogger (both of which best describes me), this is heaven sent. I just hate it though that there’s no option to turn the camera shutter sound totally off (there are 3 other settings but none makes shooting discreet). It’s a skeuomorph and I don’t like it.

I love most of the videos (mp4 format) that comes along with this phone. The resolution is unbelievable. Even those I’ve shot came out almost at par with my Sony handheld video recorder. However, I discovered that the mp4 format has to be converted at least to wmw for it to be viewed once it is transferred to the PC. Good thing I was able to download a freeware from that converts mp4 to wmv in a breeze. Check out

Others raise their eyebrows at the guitar pick that comes along with the strap for the cellphone. Me? I don’t, I actually would prefer using it over the stylus, except when I’m in the mood to kill time by texting using the handwriting feature – which I’m now starting to learn and appreciate.

Well, this is all the feedback I’ve got for now. With the hectic time I have right now both at school and at home where my favorite photo subjects are – my wife and kid, it might take me another week more to discover and learn the other features that this perfect bum tool has. I’m just wishing though that next time I’d hear another lovely HR voice saying, “…Mr. Nacionales, this is to inform you that you are scheduled for an interview on…” When that time comes, I’m quite sure she’d hear me clearly say, “Yes…I’m coming”.




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