Let there be light…

Last week, our old analog kilowatt-hour meter was replaced by a couple of guys, whom I thought were from MERALCO, with a digital model. Their arrival came as a surprise for me because it has been months already since I called up their Manila office to report that our meter is already accumulating water and moss. That day I was so thankful that the request which I’ve actually forgotten already was finally attended to even if I got concerned upon seeing that the terminals in the meter base were already badly corroded (due to the prolonged exposure to moist). I was assured however by these guys that it will work just fine.

A couple of days passed and true indeed everything went well. Unfortunately, last Friday, I already began to notice that our lights were flickering but dismissed it as just being caused by normal fluctuations. Sadly, the next day it got worse. This time our PC’s UPS is already emitting alarms which only means that the voltage goes on and off; and upon verifying our TV’s AVR, the erratic needle movement of its analog meter confirmed my suspicion – something is so wrong with our electrical utility.

Since it happened during the weekend, I realized that we will have to wait until the next Monday for it to be fixed. Of course, despite already knowing, based on past experiences, that hotline numbers aren’t dependable, I still tried calling their 16211 number – a 24-hour hotline daw. As expected my call didn’t get through after several hopeless attempts. See?

Having conceded to the odds of solving this predicament, last night I advised my wife that we shut off everything except for the fan and lights. We went to sleep with almost all windows opened for ventilation and with Marcus coated with more than the usual Off lotion.

This morning, after an uneventful night (thank God) and after a quick breakfast, I headed straight to the MERALCO office and directly to their customer service agent. Our discussion was short and casual and guess what? No raised voice, no swearing – I’ve changed a lot, didn’t I? Hehehe.

As promised by the agent, actually even earlier, the field personnel did arrive at home and immediately repaired our kilowatt-hour meter. They replaced the corroded terminals, exactly just what I pointed out when it was opened last week. Kudos to MERALCO Dasma (but thumbs down to the main hotline), now we’re back to normal and once again, let there be light……TV, refrigerator, air-conditioning and maybe even Farm Town – I’m so sure my wife missed this. Hahaha.


I learned from those who came by this morning that the first group who changed our meter were from their subcontractor company – which explains why their main concern was just to get over with what is specified in the job order and go. Isn’t that rude, unprofessional and dangerous? What if the house they serviced burned because of faulty electrical connection? A scary thought that left me anxious for nights.


It’s either I’ve become more forgiving or forgetful (others will agree that this is more so) that my wife had to tell me about past encounters with subcontractor service personnel. Here are a couple of those poor quality jobs:

Sharp washing machine – spin dryer motor broke down less than one month after it was repaired at home. It was later fixed by someone who came from the Sharp office and who informed my wife that the first one was a subcontractor personnel. Since then, it is still running like brand new.

Pioneer DVD component – I find this service center in Bacoor, Cavite among the list of authorized Pioneer Service Centers on their website. The problem was fixed but not properly – which I discovered myself just when I was almost done harnessing it back at home. I felt so bad and desperate about it that one time when I was in one of the appliances center (just window shopping) and was approached by a Pioneer salesman, I cut him off and said, “I’m not buying, palpak ang service center nyo! (your service centers suck)” Despite my misdemeanor, I was surprised to see him composed and soon told me that where I had my component fixed is just a subcontractor of Pioneer and referred to me another Pioneer real service center. I haven’t visited it though, since I can’t risk my kid having tantrums just because he was not able to watch his Little Einstein DVD.

Next time, I’m checking IDs and all subcontractors will be rejected. Fair enough?



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