Sleepless pessimist

Can’t sleep.

Maybe it’s the mug of Peets coffee I had brought along with me in anticipation of a jam-packed road to Roxas Boulevard on my way to school.

Maybe it’s the another cup of brewed coffee I took in preparation for a long drive home.

Maybe, just maybe, because once again I find myself in a situation where the chances of me being called a fart-vent (for the lack of a better word) by most people nowadays is highly likely.

Or maybe, I’d just finish this glass of milk then put myself to sleep hoping that tomorrow, after August 5, a month after August 5 or better yet years after that, we will indeed be one and that we won’t just limit ourselves to bearing the ubiquitous color that can now be seen all over the place.

Let’s make their legacy prevail…and this time, let it be real.




Mood: 4/10 Honks! (sleepiness is finally coming)


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