Nokia 5800 firmware update done


I’ve just finished updating my Nokia 5800’s firmware from V11.0.008 to 21.0.025. It took me approximately 3 hours using the following setup: a Lenovo S10 and a DSL connection speed of just around 125 kbps. That’s not bad compared to the Nokia Care center’s (in selected malls) 2-hour commitment – i.e., if you’re the only customer at that time. As recommended before updating the firmware, I backed up all my files thru the Nokia Suite but so far the installation went fine, albeit being slow, and luckily none of the files and settings were corrupted or changed. My cellphone is now with my personal QA test personnel, my wife. She’s installing an application daw so that she can take a look at her farm using my phone – which by the way is the main reason why she’s been reminding me to update its firmware. Women. Hahahaha.


This morning, as the rain poured hard and with nothing to do at home other than the usual baby stuffs, we took turns checking the music downloading capability of this bum tool (no pun intended). Since we purchased this a month ago, today was the only time that we got to open the packet that contains the instruction on how to access the site where free 500 full track musics can be downloaded and which surprised me because it took only around 4-5 minutes for each track to be completely saved. The list of available music though are limited only to that of Universal Records label. But if you’re a fan of Bryan Adams, Metallica, Bjork, Boomtown Rats, and Bob Marley just to name a few, then I guess you’re in for a treat.



Mood: 2/10 Honks! (our baby boy can now kiss good night)

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