Digital manhole

What happened to me yesterday was like walking on the flooded Manila streets and disappearing all of a sudden after stepping on what is supposed to be a covered manhole. It came without a warning. All the files (musics, videos & podcasts) that I’ve been downloading to my Nokia 5800 for days got sucked into a digital manhole never to be heard or seen again.

I don’t know what caused the snafu, but I have a hint that it’s mainly because the cellphone was multitasking like it never did before – at least under my control. At one point it was downloading a Sesame Street podcast, downloading a full track music and a video from Universal Records, playing an mp3 track and sending an SMS. If that isn’t phone efficiency, what is? But just like man, phones do break down when pushed to its limit. And yesterday, mine just snapped and froze as if in fear or protest.

Now, I’m back to square one. Goodbye Elmo, Big Bird, Lars Ulrich, All the small things, Fergie, Gwen, Sting, Lady Gaga, Diana Krall, Boomtown Rats, Akon, Bryan Adams, Kjwan, Grammar Girl feed, Bob Marley, Venus/Serena (whatever) Williams, Sarah Jessica Parker, Bon Jovi, Boyzone…My only consolation right now is that I still have 400 plus more credits to recover them. Yet then again, it will take several nights again before they once again fill my Nokia 5800. This time I swear I’d be gentle. This time I think I’d have to skip replying back to my classmates while I’m downloading a podcast, a full track music, a full track video, and while playing an mp3 track all at the same time. Ti abi.


Another thing I discovered last night, while tinkering with my phone is that it has several access point in priority order. This means that when one Internet access point like the Wireless LAN doesn’t work (or connection gets cut off), the phone shifts to the next and this is bad news if it’s the service providers inet because it automatically deducts whatever credit is left – like one merciless leech. This discovery sent shivers and goosebumps as I realized that call center agents who have sampled my “constructive confrontation” may be after all right with their explanations – except maybe that they weren’t able to get the exact facts straight when I talked to them. Well, that’s learning for both of us. Once again, next time I’d be gentle. Hahaha.



Mood: 3/10 Honks! (going out to court)


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