Marcus can pray

Dear God,

It’s been quite a remarkable week…last Sunday, I was able to finally see in person one of my favorite cartoon characters, Dora and her sidekick monkey, Boots. I was surprised to see that they’re quite big yet cuddly. I wonder how they get to sit on an airplane.


Monday was another exciting although painful day. While waiting to get my booster shot, daddy, mommy and I played at the nearby entertainment area. Daddy got Odie among the many toys inside the coin-operated claw machine. It was his first time. I must be his lucky charm, huh? But then again, maybe I’m not…because a little while the doctor’s injection got me to cry like a baby. Errr, I’m STILL a baby, I forgot…but I won’t forget her face.


On Tuesday, I felt that you sent more of your tiny-winged cherubs with us while in the supermarket because I had a bad fall coming from the grocery cart. I hit my head on the fruit shelves but I think someone invisible cushioned my fall. I saw daddy froze for a sec, as I flip my way down, maybe because he can’t get through the tiny-winged cherubs who immediately gathered around to save me. Daddy and mommy were sure shocked and scared as I cried in pain and fear for minutes. Later though I was running around the aisle trying to dislodge grocery items.

Today is a good day. In the morning I woke up fine as if yesterday’s incident didn’t happen. After my afternoon nap, it was even better. Daddy was able to fix my toy helicopter and it’s now running on 4 batteries instead of 6. Daddy said it will benefit the environment and will save him from buying a new toy and a pair of new batteries. Now I wonder if he’ll ever buy me a new bike…


Anyway, thank you again for being with me all the time. I need you more than before because I’m now getting more active almost everyday…Please be with me later when I force my mom or dad to let me climb our window grills…







Mood: 3/10 Honks! (mainit!)


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