Facebook shockers…


Let’s admit it, from time to time we love a good laugh, we love a good read, and yes, we even love a good gossip. And that’s what I like about facebook. It’s like an online Aliwan Komiks, a sosyal tabloid, a friend’s sports mag, a contact’s personal tech review forum or whatever one will call it (and sees fit). What makes it even interesting is that as our network of friends and contact grow, the rate of how we acquire knowledge, gather information or even our source of entertainment broadens, sometimes even better than the rate we will achieve from watching (no pun intended) Discovery Channel, browsing an MBA book, scanning an Entrepreneur magazine, reading a paperback novel or even killing time (and common sense) from watching a never-ending boring telenovela.  

So thanks to the advent of such social networking site, everyday, as we open the familiar blue and white site (reminiscent of my ex-employer. hehehe), we get to check and know what’s with our friends lately – an update that makes us happy, more informed, fascinated, sad, and sometimes, shocked. So far here is my mixed top 20 list (some according to my friends who shared their FB experiences):

  1. So, he does pray?

  2. She can write well?

  3. Sila na pala?

  4. She’s into kama sutra?

  5. She can do yoga?

  6. He’s a blogger? Kelan pa?

  7. That was shot using a DSLR camera?

  8. He’s a war freak?

  9. She’s a vegan?

  10. She is now abroad and doing good?

  11. She’s still tactless after all these years?

  12. Bakit hindi na si kumare ang nasa avatar nya?

  13. She’s into Mafia Wars?

  14. She has good humor pala. Kala ko mataray.

  15. He thinks asset nya likod nya?

  16. Isn’t that an annoying smile?

  17. Was she that fat in high school?

  18. When did she become a hottie?

  19. He can cook?

  20. Matalino pala sya?

Some of these items belongs only to one person, while others are specific, and most of these have its complete opposite (aren’t you glad?) belonging to some other friends or contacts. I’ll let you figure it out. So how about you? Any facebook learning, discovery or shocker? Please share.


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