Rain, Rain Go Away

Originally uploaded by kennytyy

We can’t go out,
They can’t get in.
We preferred being in bed,
They have one, yet under an open shed.

We love the sound of the rain fall,
They wish they can.
We scan our fridge for a good rainy day food,
They, however, look at the nearest trash can.

We have hot coffee,
They have nothing but cold body.
We comfortably snuggle and cuddle,
They hopelessly shiver and huddle.

We turn on the TV,
They are on the news.
We watch reruns all day,
They count cars zoom away.

We sang to our kids a nursery rhyme
The homeless kids has one this time
Rain, rain go away
We beggars want a sunny day.

Mood: 4/5 Honks! (remember & pray for the street children)


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