Bake day

What was initally bought to bake dog food (for our then bully) has finally produced its first baked “people” food. Thanks to wifey, for the first time she gets to bake something out of it. Her baking training plus her natural talent to cook, successfully created delightful treats that once again made my day.

Fruit tarts for breakfast.

Fruit tarts for breakfast.

pizza for lunch

pizza for lunch

seafoods pizza for snacks & dinner.

seafoods pizza for snacks & dinner.

Hello lola, with the rate daddy is eating, you might not recognize him come christmas time.

Hello lola, with the rate daddy is eating, you might not recognize him come christmas time.



Disclaimer: The oven never baked dog food as I never had the time to do it. Now  that I’ve got lots of it, the dog isn’t around naman. But hey, those dog biscuits do look good. 


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I also don’t eat utan

Other than enjoying a cholesterol-filled dinner of small-sized crabs (I don’t consider it crablets), what topped off this unhealthy night is this Ilonggo Indie film clip which I saw from one of my Facebook friend’s post. The title alone captured my attention due to a couple of reasons: First, as a kid I hate veggies and even until now I eat it just for health’s sake – if given the choice I won’t touch and more so eat one. Second, the title is in Ilonggo, my native tongue.

So here’s that clip that made me to have mixed emotions as I always have this second thought of seeing animals being slaughtered for food. I’m a meat eater but as much as possible I’d rather not watch that food-to-be’s life taken in front of me. But then again, I don’t eat utan. Tough choice, huh? Anyway, enjoy this clip.



This reminds me of last weekend while in Batangas. We were in a birthday party when I saw this group of men gathered around a cow tied to a post. Although, I haven’t witnessed a cow being slaughtered up close, I already had the idea what is about to happen next. The gory thought of a poor animal being held helplessly while fighting for his life, no matter how futile, played on my mind.

Then I saw one of the men approach the cow, unsheathed a surprisingly short knife from his waist and point it somewhere on top of the cow’s head. At this point I was thinking, “Uh-oh, this will be messy and bloody.” But I was wrong. In a blink of an eye, literally, the man pressed the knife down, the cow went limp, fell to the ground and became lifeless almost in an instant. That quick.  Well, at least it didn’t suffer. It made me think and hope that this is the case for every meat-to-be in the slaughter houses.



4/10 Honks (all the bloody thought may get in my dreams tonight) 


Chasing sushis and balloon

Just this afternoon, I finally finished another monthly task that I’ve been doing for more than half a year already – family expenses accounting. After learning how to do it from a personal financial planning training, I’ve never ignored a single receipt and have always tried my best to account each expense somewhere around the end of each month – some month’s result were shocking, some were fulfilling, while others (if not most) were challenging. July however was somewhat amusing.

As much as I now value more each penny we’ve got, I still believe that there are things that need to be discovered and that holding back from doing so might come as a regret later. And as much as I’d like to be as thrifty as possible, sometimes the call to experience things is just hard to hold back – like eating conveyorized sushi and buying the first ever balloon.

Last week, after months of eyeing this Japanese resto in the SM’s Mall of Asia, we arrived at the mall just in time for Sakae Sushi’s buffet meal – 2pm. The juice and biscuits we ate for lunch (somewhere nearby) were just enough to keep us full during the drive and well enough to keep us excited about the thought of chasing sushis as it pass by our table.

It is fast...

It is fast...

...but were faster - our emptied plates : )

...but we're faster - our emptied plates : )

A couple of plates later, surprisingly or not, I mastered how to spot the perfect sushi caring less if it’s colored yellow, green or red – If it weren’t for the buffet time, each color has its corresponding prize and one has to be picky if he’s dining on a budget. Needless to say, I enjoyed each time even if my wife and I had to take turns between watching our little boy and “ambushing” the sushis. And it’s either we’re that fast or there’s just a few sushi variety available, but it must have just taken less than an hour for us to taste every sushi Sakae can offer. Well, how can I complain, it must be what’s Php 399/pax is worth. Not bad considering that I get to eat in a place where my familiarity with it was once just because of MTV videos or Hollywood movies.

Another first that day, was buying our little boy his balloon. After coming out of Sakae Sushi resto, my wife, having mother instinct was able to easily locate one stall that sells a dizzying selection of floating balloons that our kid was pointing aimlessly (and screaming like one crazy Beatles fan) until he steadied his tiny index finger to a recognizable square yellow figure that even I was suddenly attracted to its bucktooth-smile the moment I saw it. A few seconds of exchanging Php 105 with the seemingly irresistible Sponge Bob, I saw our kid beaming with satisfaction of having his first ever cartoon character balloon.

The selection, the pick, the moments.

Soon, he was running around in one part of the crowded mall as if he’s the only one who has it (but I’m quite sure that one kid somewhere nearby was feeling the same thing). Sponge Bob, though still smiling, got all the abuse from his tiny fan. It was pinched, pulled down, yanked, at one point trampled over and was blamed for a couple of stumbles. And just as his tiny fan decided to bring him home, he somehow was able to cut himself loose.

I was walking ahead of my wife and kid when I heard the desperate call. I knew I froze for a sec when I look back and saw Sponge Bob bobbing up and down the mall’s ceiling. I couldn’t believe smiling down on us is a hundred-peso balloon which immediately reminded of the Filipino nursery rhyme: Ako ay may lobo, lumipad sa langit…sayang ang pera ko, binili ng lobo. Kung pagkain sana, nabusog pa ako.(I had a balloon, it flew to the heavens…it was a waste of my money. If only I could’ve spent it for food…).

So even if I was surprised after diligently typing expense details and to see that we’re “in the greens” , next month, I hope to see improvements in our spending. In fact, I have already told my wife one clear instruction: no more balloons for Marcus. Hopefully, he won’t hate me for this. Ti abi.


ref: lobo lyrics


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Personality traits and another farewell party

“At least you’re a happy bum” – from my Managerial Accounting professor


Exactly 1 week ago during our TSLEADER class, we had an interesting topic about Enneagrams. For those who don’t know about it yet, it is just among the many tools that identifies and classifies an individual’s behaviour. And while our professor was discussing about it and each of the nine personality traits it comprises, I began to remember my previous co-supervisors and scribbled names according to his/her dominant trait.

Each trait in the Enneagram is indicated by a corresponding number and each are grouped according to how and where the behaviour most likely originates from. (It also tells which personality one isn’t aware of and might be able to develop through self-awareness.) For example trait numbers 2,3 and 4 belongs to the heart; numbers 5, 6 and 7 belongs to the head; while 8, 9 and 1 personality traits coming from the “gut”. Here are the names that immediately came to mind for each trait numbers.


Heart people

Personality Type

Type Description



2. Helpers

Likes to help others

Of own needs

Cris (that’s me)

3. Performers

Craves for success

Of failing


4. Artists

Considered unique and creative

Of being ordinary


Head people

5. Thinkers

Always see the need to understand the world

Of being overwhelmed


6. Skeptics

(or Questioners)

Range from reserved to outspoken.

Of being abandoned


7. Enthusiasts

Happy and open to new things

Of being deprived


Gut people

8. The Boss

Strong character. They usually don’t care as long as things gets done

Of being weak


9. Mediators

Avoids confrontation that’s why they’re also know as the peacemakers.

Of separation and conflict


1. Reformers

They like everthing done the right away. Also called perfectionists.

Of being imperfect




By some strange coincidence (well, I consider it that way) last Thursday, I was called by “The boss” informing me about a hotel dinner with the rest of my ex-colleagues. Other than the immediate appeal of the word hotel plus dinner, I soon felt excited at the thought of seeing once again the faces behind the personality traits. I said yes without further ado just before I hung up the phone.



Team 2 in Renaissance Hotel

Team 2 in Renaissance Hotel. Front (L-R) Edna, Rix, Rhia, Lie, me. Rear (L-R) Tammy, Alfred, James, Cocoy, Nedie, Amor, Lei.


And so as planned, yesterday night I find myself together with most of the Team 2 supervisors and our manager (with her hubby Mark). We started the reunion with a buffet dinner at the Renaissance Hotel’s M2M area wherein the group’s exuberant demeanor and excited exchange of stories and laughter dominating the warm and elegant place.


Merk with Monday nights performer Silk & Steel

Merk with Monday night's performer Silk & Steel


Stuffed after almost tasting every variety of food from the buffet tables, the group decided to have some beers at the nearby Greenbelt 3 mall. We settled at the Merk’s Bar Bistro where we caught the acoustic band Silk & Steel playing. We also must have been lucky last night because we saw the actor-comedian-owner Richard Merk. According to him, it’s been almost five months since the last time he dropped by the place.

After a couple of hours getting entertained by the guitar trio, where Merk joined and rendered some great songs as well (I never knew that he’s a good singer until last night), we capped the night (or early morning) by having coffee at the Starbuck’s coffee shop along Macapagal Avenue where sobering up with a hot Americano before the trip back to Cavite became a regular routine for several night outs I have attended since then.


Now you know why his personality trait is 7.

Now you know why his personality trait is 7.


Last night’s gathering was actually a farewell party for those leaving this time as part of my ex-company’s (funny, but I still haven’t got used to writing the prefix ex) third retrenchment phase. Despite always feeling and talking as-a-matter-of-factly about the whole retrenchment thing, frankly, I find it really sad to see more people going out thus leaving fewer employees behind until the next phase and until the (ex)company finally ends its Philippine operation this year. Well, that’s life, huh?!



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Sweetest email

I’m sure this is the sweetest email I’ve ever received. A contact forwarded an email prior to this with the subject: Krispy Kreme and with an invitation to click on this link: . I don’t know but if there’s one good way for a virus to infect my PC, it probably would be through a link that I just can’t resist like this. It is during this time that my sweeth tooth takes over my discernment and rationale. *LOL*.

—– Forwarded Message —-
From: Krispy Kreme <>
Sent: Thursday, June 18, 2009 6:05:05 PM
Subject: cris, here’s your Krispy Kreme Chocolate Glazed Doughnut and Signature Coffee
Hi cris,

You have been GLAZED! Print this email and head on over to the nearest Krispy Kreme store to claim your Krispy Kreme Chocolate Glazed Doughnut and Signature Coffee. If the image of your coupon doesn’t show up in your email, please click “Display images” or “Load images” from the page.


To GLAZE more friends, click HERE.
And you can view the rules

Verification Details:
________, with registered email address _________, you are closest to SM Mall of Asia.

cris, hope to see you soon and remember to bring a valid I.D. and a printout of this e-mail.



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Turon for the frustrated me


Originally uploaded by Marcus Can

A snack intended to cool off my frustrations. Well, it was effective. These turon, or what I prefer to call “turonitos” because of its small size, were made from just 3 bananas. If I hadn’t known that, I’d be stuffed and guilty…and be more frustrated. Hahaha.

Note: From now on I’ll start posting home-cooked foods, of course, all cooked by wifey.



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Let’s buy pork!


Everyone is panicking right now because of this swine flu virus. It’s been in news for days and it’s sad that this virus has killed so many people in Mexico where it was suspected to have originated. Of course the Americans, being paranoid by nature, has made all the necessary efforts as well to contain this virus from spreading especially that the risk is so high considering the high influx of people coming through the Mexican borders, legally or illegally.

Here in the Philippines, the Department of Health together with other related agencies is already in high gear to prevent this disease from entering our country. And while watching the news tonight, I learned that the price of pork has gone down at a very steep rate because people have avoided buying it. This one made me smile – evil, maybe – because all of a sudden I remember that it is during times like this that it is actually perfect to do just the opposite of what most people do. Let me explain.

I read some time before (when the news of the recession first came out) about Warren Buffet encouraging investors to buy stocks while the rest are trying to sell theirs with the hope to save what is left of their plummeting share values. The moment after I read about that radical idea, I realized that it complements some of my similar thoughts:

  1. It is safe to ride airplanes days after one has crashed because every airliner at that time will be taking a closer check of its fleet;
  2. And for the same reason, it is also safe to board ships days after one has just sunk.
  3. It is safe to visit the malls days after one has been bombed (like the Glorietta incident) or vandalized because every security guard will be on its feet and will surely pay more attention with the way they conduct their inspections.
  4. It is safe to buy vehicles of the same brand after a recall because the manufacturer will make sure that the present problem doesn’t get out of hand and that its sales won’t be affected any further.
  5. It is safe to eat at a restaurant after a fly has been found taking a leisurely dip at the soup because most likely management will be on the lookout not only for flies but other things that a customer would hate to be in or on his food.

The above stated advice of course should be followed only after careful considerations of several factors that may affect the decision making process. Like one should check if the Airline Company, mall, car manufacturer or restaurant involved is reputable otherwise they might just not even care even after something bad has happened. It is also of course highly and always recommended to check WHO gave such advice in the first place. Hahaha. So do you think you’re going to buy pork now?




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