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Accounting took over blogging


Eight weeks ago I was expecting my self to fill my need to blog with gusto. Obviously it didn’t came to be that way since I soon got myself pretty occupied ,just like I’ve mentioned before, with so many things (except for work). For the past few weeks it was all about Accounting.  

If my recently spreadsheet-crammed mind serves me right, I already made it a habit to turn off the TV immediately after I get my daily dose of local prime time news. From that time on and almost until midnight, I’m hunched over my thick Manegerial Accounting book and syllabus booklet trying to solve every exercise and problem. The only time I’d have a break is during my regular peek at my Facebook’s and Twitter’s page (which I soon learned to fully ignore during the last few days). And among my nightly routine of course is filling my mug with hot coffee and making one for my wifey who’s usually watching her favorite (but my hated) telenovelas in the room, surfing the net and while watching over our sleeping baby boy all at the same time.

Somehow, and thankfully, all those efforts made me understand more about this subject matter that I’m actually starting to like it already however late – last Friday was our last session and the final exam paper will be submitted after two weeks. So tomorrow, just after two days of taking a break from seeing rows and columns of numbers, I might be back to our dining table again, analyzing one company’s income statement hoping that those nights spent studying will result to something fruitful. And sooner of course, I’d like to put everything to practical use because knowing the concept is one, applying it is another.


What amazes me though is that while I’m away from blogging, my page still gets hits after hits as if I’m blogging the way I used to be. Nice, huh. To those who made it possible, thanks for dropping by.


I think I forgot to notify some of my blog visitors that I finally decided to use the domain to replace (although clicking or typing this URL will direct one to since I got tired and hopeless making it work with my supposedly self-hosted blog (from It’s not that I’m quitting and letting a couple of thousands of 2-year subscription fee get lost in the world wide web, but I’m taking time off trying to figure it out. I might get another domain instead as soon as I find time to do it.


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A simple thank you for the 10,000th hits


Finally, my site’s hits reached the 10,000 mark which I’d consider my blogging milestone. So I guess everyone who made it possible – promoter (wifey), readers, fans, critics, friends and even spammers (?) deserve a


Thank You!!!


From someone who once was known as the “Time-Killer” and has now opted just to be simply called as the Author of this blog – me. 

Please keep on dropping by and help me make the next 10,000 hits.


Update: My site is still isn’t fixed and I still have no clue when I’ll be able to successfully import my content into it. So right now, it remains a dormant site waiting for the precious’s technical advice.


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The page is still bland and the subtitle says it all.
The page is still bland and the subtitle says it all.

I’m in a desperate situation right now with regards to getting my self-hosted WordPress blog up and running. The last time I mentioned that I got it, I realized soon enough that it isn’t working the way I expected it to be. I was only able to make the domain work but not the whole admin page; I discovered my mistake when I was about to install a nuffnang ad and while I was following their instruction on how to post their banner, I noticed that I’m not in the right WordPress admin dashboard – it doesn’t have a script editor.

Since then I was busy submitting complaint tickets to GoDaddy and it wasn’t the promptness (it normally takes 24 hours) of the reply that bothers me but the quality of each reply – most of it were more like a clue rather than a direct solution instruction. Later on after figuring out what the agents from GoDaddy were talking about, I was able to post the nuffnang ads. One down, more to go.

Worse than GoDaddy’s is support forum’s response – which is what makes me really disappointed being a fan and advocate of WordPress.COM. For reasons that I cannot understand, the threads that I’ve started haven’t been answered no matter how I repost it. And in my desire to solve the problem on my own, I did everything that I thought can possibly fix the 500 – Internal Server Error, an error that came next and that has left me clueless for more than two weeks already.




This one appears every time I import my dot com xml file.

This one appears every time I import my dot com xml file.

So I guess it’s about time that I describe on my own blog what I’ve done so far.

The first time I subscribed and got my GoDaddy account, I had the WordPress 2.7.1 application installed automatically through their Hosting Connection page.


This is where one can automatically install the WordPress application.

This is where one can automatically install the WordPress application.

After that, however, just when I thought that all is well, I kept on encountering the 500 – Internal Server Error and I was thinking that it must have something to do with one of the scripts that may have been corrupted during the installation process. It was then that I decided to do the tedious manual installation as detailed in’s Codex page. Surprisingly, at one point of this manual process I got interested and had my first time to use an FTP client application – FileZilla (I discovered that this one is very easy to use and I highly recommend it to transfer bulk of files). 


An FTP client that is user-friendly.

An FTP client that is user-friendly.


My WordPress version 2.7.1 manual installation became a success…or so I think. Soon to my dismay though, I learned that it doesn’t solve the Internal Server Error which is now beginning to be a total nightmare. It still exists every time I import my XML file through my admin page and no matter how I repeat the whole process, it just doesn’t make any favorable progress.


This case is becoming hopeless, and I had to switch back to my free URL – – but I’m not yet about to give up. However, until when I’d be able resolve it, I don’t have any clue. Hopefully, someone dropping by my site and happens to see this blog can give his piece of advice.


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Expect a crazy site


I want to tell you that I expect a good site, eh?!

You can make this site look good, right?

I’m on the process of changing my blog site’s theme and some of you might wonder why the site’s appearance will change every now and then. Don’t freak out, you’ll still be on the same (formerly and every blog will still be available although its orientation may change a bit.

I don’t know how long will it take me to decide on which theme will be the right one, but I’ll try to get the final design within a week. Currently my site’s theme is called Contempt and it is only a two-column theme (frankly, I’m having some sort of separation anxiety with the mere thought that I’ll be replacing it); and with the intent to have some ad banners posted, I’m now looking for a decent three-column design with a customizable header.

Definitely, I will also change this site’s title from Killing Time is Blogging Time to Marcus Can Blog for reasons that I’d like to get rid of the negative connotation by having the word Killing and of course, the site will be named after our son, Marcus. If he’ll be proud about it, we’ll know as soon as he learns how to talk and walk. Hahaha.



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 is now live


You may have noticed it already that either clicking on or typing the URL will now direct you to That’s because exactly seven days after I signed up for’s web hosting service, my domain is now finally live.

I must admit that it wasn’t as easy as what WordPress and GoDaddy is trying to make it appear. But despite all the trouble, I don’t regret the encounter as I learned a lot from 1-week of waiting and tweaking game. For someone like me who’s a newbie when it comes to this stuff, it was everything but fun – well, at first. Most of the time it was quite frustrating to see server errors, alien database parameter settings and a useless website appearing in front of you. It was likewise a test of patience as I had to deal with the dragging response phase from the web host’s support agents.

Anyway, for the benefit of those wanting to have their own domain soon for identity’s sake, here’s some advice (more applicable if you’re planning to have GoDaddy as the web host):

  1. Make sure you’ve decided what blogging platform you’ll adapt. This may after all was where all my problems started. That’s because while I purely enjoyed WordPress, I tried having Blogger just so I can have nuffnang ads on my site. Then to personalize my nuffang profile I bought a domain via Blogger.

    Later on though, I find it hard to maintain both sites that I decided that it has just to be WordPress. Period. But the intention to still have my own domain through this blog provider eventually got me into signing up with as being one of WordPress’ compatible hosts.

  2. If you have the same case mentioned in # 1, then one of the things you have to do is to direct that domain’s IP to your new account. This IP will be sent to your email right after you have set up your GoDaddy account.
  3. Ignore any other instructions on’s Codex page as you’ll just be intimidated by a long list of steps which I discovered, after several trial and errors, will all be handled by GoDaddy anyway.
  4. Likewise, never mind downloading the WordPress application separately (to your PC) as this will just confuse you more. By accessing GoDaddys’ hosting control panel and clicking WordPress through the Your Application will direct you to a WordPress link and it will be installed from there.
  5. Install WordPress ONLY after things such as IIS version is set (I learned that WordPress is not compatible with version 6), domain ownership has been verified and correct IP address and nameservers have been set.
  6. Lastly, make sure that you record every original parameter setting just in case you need to go back to it. It is also worth making a list of domain, database usernames and passwords for obvious reasons.

There’s a cliché that says, “all’s well that ends well” and that maybe true indeed in this case. The problems I had encountered switching from to are nothing compared to the benefits of using this blogging platform. As experienced from my previous test of several other blog providers, WordPress is by far the only one that suits my blogging needs. Happy blogging days are here again. I guess…




Isn’t it amusing? The day my work ends is the day when my own domain went live. Isn’t this what they call opportunity? We’ll know.




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