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Kill Bill

This is Bill. Bill is in your mailbox. Bill is from the bank. Bill takes your money. Kill bill.



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Like Beetles


Beetle, struggle, myphone shot

An unfortunate beetle in front of our house. Current house.


Sometimes we are like struggling beetles, hopeless, badly need help. 

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What is Intel Culture?

My tweet got favorited and it deserves a spot on this blog:

Jobs at Intel favorited your Tweet
23 Nov:

[CrisIs73] Where only the paranoid survive? “@JobsatIntel: “What do you think Intel’s organizational culture is like? #intelculture
Not an ordinary Sunday: Someone dropping by later to buy my 3-year old treadmill, Pacman vs. Rios fight, and wifey’s about to be discharged from the hospital. Something in me wishes that she gets out after the boxing match–the room’s got cable TV.

Love and Lotto

Some relationships are like lotto numbers — you hate to change it for fear that someone might get them and win.

Dust Buster

Marcus showed great progress today. He is not afraid of the vacuum cleaner anymore. Ti abi.


Coming from Nuvali and driving with poor headlight, we arrived home with me almost dead tired but with Marcus still full of energy — must be the donuts and Skittles he had. Riled up from his usual begging for attention I said something firm in straight Tagalog and his reply made me and wifey suppress a smile.

Me: …O, ayan Marcus ha, baka hindi mo pa maintindihan yan. Tagalog na yan!

Marcus: Tagawog? Daddy, what [is] that?


Mood: 3/10 Honks! (Anxious. We are going to Marcus’ 1st home.)

There is Beauty in Trash Talk

The recent typhoon Mina (international name Nanmadol) has exposed once again the ever stinky truth our country has to face—waste management. In Baguio, several people, including innocent children, perished when heap of trash buried them after heavy rainfall triggered a landslide.

Sadly, this isn’t the first incident here in the Philippines wherein piles of garbage has caused death or injury. Several years ago the infamous Payatas tragedy took the lives of more than 200 people living near this open dumpsite. It was a wakeup call for those who survived and it sent an alarm to the government officials who acted, however late, to address this problem. Since then open dumpsites were outlawed. Or so we thought.

Now that this unfortunate news is all over the headlines, people begin to ask the same old questions. Who should be blamed for all these? The ordinary Juan De La Cruzes who on their way home would toss their fast food packaging anywhere they feel like it? The government officials who fail to implement the law? Or should this be again considered as an act of God—a reason that has been so overused by people who would try to cover their own insensitivities, carelessness or incompetence.

But while we try to find answers, for the nth time, to these seemingly hopeless questions, it is nice to know that there are still others whose minds are open and who still continue to seek solutions. For example, there is the beautiful and famous Anne Curtis Smith who openly declared on twitter (@annecurtissmith) her intent to use her popularity in an attempt to revive or improve the waste management awareness campaign. How far it will go, I don’t know but with her appeal and capability to influence others, I would like to believe that her advocacy will improve the way most of us take care of our environment. I’m keeping my fingers crossed because I really wouldn’t want to see this happen again.

For now, indulge me. I can’t let this moment pass without letting the world know that I had a short discussion with this lovely actress.

Seconds of fame brought by mere mention of my name by Anne Curtis Smith.


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