Instant Coffee

Kill Bill

This is Bill. Bill is in your mailbox. Bill is from the bank. Bill takes your money. Kill bill.



Mood: 3/10 Honks. (More bills to come.)

Like Beetles


Beetle, struggle, myphone shot

An unfortunate beetle in front of our house. Current house.


Sometimes we are like struggling beetles, hopeless, badly need help. 

Mood:3/10 Honks! (Almost done.)

What is Intel Culture?

My tweet got favorited and it deserves a spot on this blog:

Jobs at Intel favorited your Tweet
23 Nov:

[CrisIs73] Where only the paranoid survive? “@JobsatIntel: “What do you think Intel’s organizational culture is like? #intelculture
Not an ordinary Sunday: Someone dropping by later to buy my 3-year old treadmill, Pacman vs. Rios fight, and wifey’s about to be discharged from the hospital. Something in me wishes that she gets out after the boxing match–the room’s got cable TV.

Love and Lotto

Some relationships are like lotto numbers — you hate to change it for fear that someone might get them and win.

Dust Buster

Marcus showed great progress today. He is not afraid of the vacuum cleaner anymore. Ti abi.


Coming from Nuvali and driving with poor headlight, we arrived home with me almost dead tired but with Marcus still full of energy — must be the donuts and Skittles he had. Riled up from his usual begging for attention I said something firm in straight Tagalog and his reply made me and wifey suppress a smile.

Me: …O, ayan Marcus ha, baka hindi mo pa maintindihan yan. Tagalog na yan!

Marcus: Tagawog? Daddy, what [is] that?


Mood: 3/10 Honks! (Anxious. We are going to Marcus’ 1st home.)