Let’s embrace change


Isn’t it funny that change is such a short word but solicits hundreds, if not thousands, of reaction no matter what the subject matter is all about and no matter how trivial or significant the change will be? Think of one thing that went through change that wasn’t met with resistance or protest. A number of us protested when the mere P1 coin was reduced to a smaller size together with the introduction of the new P10 coin denomination because we said we might not distinguish the two among each other. In the offices, people complained when the payroll became automated because the thought of receiving an inaccurate salary made almost everyone uneasy as receiving a printed payslip is much preferred over its online version for proper accounting of each rendered overtimes and premiums. We doubted online transactions just because we fear that someone might hack the system or our account. Taxi drivers and operators hated the thought of using LPG-powered cars baka daw sumabog. Furthermore, they reasoned out when the DOTC/LTO required them to install in their taxis a printer so that each customer gets a copy of their trip’s expense. And so on and so forth. But guess what, all these eventually happened and unconsciously we got over with each of the transition – and the complaints. 


Now here comes several things being presented to us anew. For one there’s the pressing poll automation issue. Then just this week, I saw the emergence of LTO’s campaign for the RFID (radio frequency ID tag). Once again, most people are clamoring for explanations, and worse others just want to rant irrationally maybe out of ignorance or maybe just due to plain stubborness to come out of their comfort zones or false beliefs – baka malabag ang karapatang pantao (the most overused & most irritating), baka madaya, baka di alam kung paano gamitin, etc.


I see all these resistance to change as counterproductive and alarming. While other countries are moving forward by utilizing whatever modern technology is available, we on the other hand are still trying to cling on to our traditional ways. Most of us have become so fixated with our conservative practices that we always try to find reasons to doubt upfront the benefits that come with the technological advancements that will make our life easier. Actually, much easier.


Although, it is a fact that we cannot deny histories of unethical practices committed by several people, we should not dwell on these alone and instead open our minds that it is not the process (i.e., traditional or new technology) where irregularities happen and that it is rather caused by the people behind it. BUT this is not the reason for us not to move forward. I can see that the information campaign for the RFID implementation and poll automation is on-going. They will implement it soon whether we like it or not. Our role here is to listen intently and attentively instead of immediately shutting our ears and minds to such new ideas. Let’s be informed and support all of it because continuing to be too pragmatic and pessimistic about change will lead us nowhere but at the very tail end (the last time I checked we are almost there) of the rest of our Asian neighbors where we will surely become the laughing stock at the very least.


It is really high time we prove that we appreciate the effort of the people in the government are doing to improve the way we do things: RFID to improve the traffic system and poll automation to speed up the election process.It is high time we accept change. Let’s choose to show optimistism even if it’s more easy to go the other way. After all, didn’t we demand change? Didn’t we demand action from our public officials (whether we elected them or not)? If yes, these things are now presented right in front of us. All we need is to do is embrace it and trust that something positive will come out of it. Dahil kung lagi tayong tamang duda, wala tayong mapapala.






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Facebook shockers…


Let’s admit it, from time to time we love a good laugh, we love a good read, and yes, we even love a good gossip. And that’s what I like about facebook. It’s like an online Aliwan Komiks, a sosyal tabloid, a friend’s sports mag, a contact’s personal tech review forum or whatever one will call it (and sees fit). What makes it even interesting is that as our network of friends and contact grow, the rate of how we acquire knowledge, gather information or even our source of entertainment broadens, sometimes even better than the rate we will achieve from watching (no pun intended) Discovery Channel, browsing an MBA book, scanning an Entrepreneur magazine, reading a paperback novel or even killing time (and common sense) from watching a never-ending boring telenovela.  

So thanks to the advent of such social networking site, everyday, as we open the familiar blue and white site (reminiscent of my ex-employer. hehehe), we get to check and know what’s with our friends lately – an update that makes us happy, more informed, fascinated, sad, and sometimes, shocked. So far here is my mixed top 20 list (some according to my friends who shared their FB experiences):

  1. So, he does pray?

  2. She can write well?

  3. Sila na pala?

  4. She’s into kama sutra?

  5. She can do yoga?

  6. He’s a blogger? Kelan pa?

  7. That was shot using a DSLR camera?

  8. He’s a war freak?

  9. She’s a vegan?

  10. She is now abroad and doing good?

  11. She’s still tactless after all these years?

  12. Bakit hindi na si kumare ang nasa avatar nya?

  13. She’s into Mafia Wars?

  14. She has good humor pala. Kala ko mataray.

  15. He thinks asset nya likod nya?

  16. Isn’t that an annoying smile?

  17. Was she that fat in high school?

  18. When did she become a hottie?

  19. He can cook?

  20. Matalino pala sya?

Some of these items belongs only to one person, while others are specific, and most of these have its complete opposite (aren’t you glad?) belonging to some other friends or contacts. I’ll let you figure it out. So how about you? Any facebook learning, discovery or shocker? Please share.


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The Missing Horse


Originally uploaded by akonnamgapictures

This is one of the shots I took during our first calesa ride from Carriedo to SM Manila – unlucky horse, huh?. I’m calling this the missing horse because for unknown reasons it just won’t appear in my PC even after all of its batch have been uploaded. The only thing I did with this image is to rename it from my cellphone and I suspect that the Nokia Photos suite has some bugs in it that makes it not recognize any renamed file. Anyway, I’ll figure it out later including how to upload using Bluetooth. Maybe, something from my Information Technology class will tell me how to. Got to go, I need to be the first one in the classroom.

The Nokia 5800: a perfect bum tool

This lovely piece of cellphone, coming from the Finnish company, has been with me for more than a week already after I succumbed to my wife’s persistent request to have my almost 3-year old Motorola L6 replaced. Besides, the old cellphone is becoming to be a cause of a failure-to-communicate symptom since its speaker conked out due to countless falls and misuse; and needless to say, in my current bum status, not clearly hearing an initial job interview over the phone is a no-no – justification, justification, justification.

So far since I bought it though, I haven’t had any calls. But why should I care, this phone after all isn’t just a phone. If there’s one phone that will make one happy even while his much awaited calls seem unlikely to happen, it is the Nokia 5800. There’s just so much to this phone that job hunt frustrations can be easily forgotten and that killing time can become a habit.

But as much as I’d like to give it a technical review, I’d rather direct you to tech sites like Yugatech who has a very subjective review of it and instead I’ll post briefly what I like and don’t like about it.

The touch pad meets my expectations although I’ve read that upgrading the firmware version from V11 to V21 will improve the touch pad’s response. Right now I care less (and might not care about it in the near future after learning from Nokia Care that it will take at least 2 hours to do the upgrade).

This model is part of Nokia’s ExpressMusic series and true enough, the sound is incredibly crisp (either using the earphone or the loudspeaker). I don’t recommend connecting it though as an input to the car’s stereo as the MP3 quality varies and that it affects the volume of each music that other than watching out for potholes while driving, one might have to deal with adjusting the music volume all at the same time – very dangerous.

The 3.2 MP camera is great for shots under bright light - daytime and just like any other low quality/resolution cam, it doesnt perform well under low light condition.

The 3.2 MP camera is great for shots under bright light - e.g., daytime - and just like any other low quality/resolution cam, it doesn't perform well under low light condition.

The Nokia 5800 comes with a 3.2 MP camera that by today’s standard is mediocre. But ever remember the phrase, “you get what you paid for”? Well, you should. Paying P14,900 for a phone one shouldn’t expect an SLR-like quality. Duh! Don’t get me wrong though, for a bum, for a blogger (both of which best describes me), this is heaven sent. I just hate it though that there’s no option to turn the camera shutter sound totally off (there are 3 other settings but none makes shooting discreet). It’s a skeuomorph and I don’t like it.

I love most of the videos (mp4 format) that comes along with this phone. The resolution is unbelievable. Even those I’ve shot came out almost at par with my Sony handheld video recorder. However, I discovered that the mp4 format has to be converted at least to wmw for it to be viewed once it is transferred to the PC. Good thing I was able to download a freeware from Freewarehome.com that converts mp4 to wmv in a breeze. Check out wmvconverter.org.

Others raise their eyebrows at the guitar pick that comes along with the strap for the cellphone. Me? I don’t, I actually would prefer using it over the stylus, except when I’m in the mood to kill time by texting using the handwriting feature – which I’m now starting to learn and appreciate.

Well, this is all the feedback I’ve got for now. With the hectic time I have right now both at school and at home where my favorite photo subjects are – my wife and kid, it might take me another week more to discover and learn the other features that this perfect bum tool has. I’m just wishing though that next time I’d hear another lovely HR voice saying, “…Mr. Nacionales, this is to inform you that you are scheduled for an interview on…” When that time comes, I’m quite sure she’d hear me clearly say, “Yes…I’m coming”.




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Gotcha brother!

Just recently I was printing several pages of school term finals paper when I encountered once again my printer’s low/replace ink prompt. Having solved this problem before, I confidently opened the ink slots and tried shaking the cartridges just like what I did a couple of months ago. But despite number of attempts, the printer this time seemed to have known what I’m trying to do – fool him – and he’s trying to put up a good fight by displaying the error again and again which frustrated me more every after each try.

After stepping back and trying to think, logically and technically this time, if what seems to be the real problem and what might solve it, I peeked inside the ink slots and immediately saw what needs to be done. There it was staring right back at me – optical sensors. I almost cursed myself for not having thought about it the first time I encountered this problem.

Arrays of optical sensors which detect if ink is still present in the cartridge.

So what’s the fix? All it took me was a black marker pen to block the transparent window making the optical sensor “sense” that the cartridge is still full. And this time, the solution worked like magic. Now I’ve got unlimited ink…well, hopefully I won’t get caught unprepared when it actually runs out of ink while I’m in the middle of printing a much needed school essay. 

By marking the transparent window, the optical sensor will "think" that the cartridge still has enough ink.



Warning: this solution will just work temporarily. This is one flaw I’ve noted regarding the design of this printer because it prompts an empty ink when in fact there’s still about one-fourth (that’s approx P100 being wasted) available ink that may be used for several print-outs. Make sure to check every now and then if the ink cartridge is about to go totally empty.


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Touchy Feely


It’s early morning. First day of another week at work. The airconditioner’s monotonous hum making the wait for another meeting with the boss as uneasy as it can be. Good thing there’s a mug, on top of my own leather-cladded office table, filled almost to the brim with the freshly brewed coffee from the nearby fully-furnished pantry. At least it will mask my cold and yet sweaty hands just in time I guess for a ritual-like handshake before each monday meeting with the person known to always wear those seductive minis yet still appears to be less appealing than the thought of being infected by the hyped flu virus in the office. We’re in for another UFC-like corporate meeting – where when financial figures are crunched, a tapout seems to be the most humbling yet the most appropriate thing to do just like inside the real fighting octagon.

The dreaded meeting started. As expected hands where shaken, although in a manner closely equal to that when Judas Escariot made his historic kiss. Tablet notebooks were opened as if in unison; everyone so eager to present his own report; everyone already looking forward to calling it a day; everyone so eager to get the meeting over with. And the boss despite being in her usual red lips, well-parted black hair, partly exposed breast and the famous seductive minis doesn’t seem to attract one bit of attention of everyone but one. Me. Interestingly, she does look like she’s interested as well to hear what I’ve got to start the week with. And just as I was about to proceed in front, with the confidence that was created mostly by the recent caffeine intake, I all of a sudden feel a tingling sensation just inside my well-pressed black slack’s pocket. It became persistent and the more I resisted it, the more it sent vibrations that just cannot be ignored…few more seconds…few more seconds…

Snap! I find myself inside a room totally different from where I just was. I was daydreaming while holding my new touch phone. Damn. What an effect this small wonder has on me. This Nokia 5800 after all, is a bum’s dream come true. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Time to hit the sack and for tomorrow will be another day. Another day of fiddling and discovering what this perfect bum tool has to offer. Hahahaha. Will post my complete review soon.

For starters, you now know it comes with a stand : )

For starters, you now know it comes with a stand : )





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Test share from Yahoo!

From jaxti…

This is a test of sharing pictures coming from flickr through Yahoo! Mail’s application. Well, it’s a bit small and it has to be clicked for one to view it from where it was originally uploaded in flickr. Not bad for beta (?). Next test will be posting blog using the WordPress.com application directly from Yahoo! Mail.


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San Vicente unwired


My wife’s home in Batangas is finally wireless. After weeks of tinkering with the configurations of the TP-Link’s TL-WR340G, it is now working and the house is now a WiFi zone. And how did I do it? Simple, after several weekends of googling for answers (and finding some hope which actually didn’t work), today I find a no-nonsense tip from a local forum – TipidPC.com. Here’s the instruction by a forum member named borg_ph that solved my lingering problem and that made the connection possible: 

first, reset your TP-Link router to factory settings:
a.) turn off your tp-link and press RESET, keep it pressed.
b.) turn ON tp-link and wait for 6 to 8 seconds bago mo release ang reset
* reset natin router just to make sure there are no misconfiguration.

Next, connect your PC to the router’s LAN port (maski saan basta sa LAN port)
a.) logon to (use admin/admin)
b.) click Network, change to
c.) click SAVE

Connect H9200 to TP-Link’s WAN port and check if your PC can surf the internet.


The problem I encountered here was a compatibility problem between Digitel’s BIDA package’s Prolink H9200AR when connected to the TP-Link WR340G wireless router – which I find ironic that two brands having LINK as the common word don’t actually link to each other.

One time I brought this wireless router back home in Cavite after I got frustrated and consequently surrendered figuring what the problem is all about. But after seconds of connecting it to ours (which is also Digitel but a modem of different brand) it worked plug and play. That confirmed my conclusion that it was indeed about compatibility or a conflict IP issue with that modem in Batangas.

And thanks to the internet, especially TipidPC.com, I can now surf the net when I’m on vacation, unwired.


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WordPress.org gaga


The page is still bland and the subtitle says it all.
The page is still bland and the subtitle says it all.

I’m in a desperate situation right now with regards to getting my self-hosted WordPress blog up and running. The last time I mentioned that I got it, I realized soon enough that it isn’t working the way I expected it to be. I was only able to make the marcuscanblog.com domain work but not the whole WordPress.org admin page; I discovered my mistake when I was about to install a nuffnang ad and while I was following their instruction on how to post their banner, I noticed that I’m not in the right WordPress admin dashboard – it doesn’t have a script editor.

Since then I was busy submitting complaint tickets to GoDaddy and it wasn’t the promptness (it normally takes 24 hours) of the reply that bothers me but the quality of each reply – most of it were more like a clue rather than a direct solution instruction. Later on after figuring out what the agents from GoDaddy were talking about, I was able to post the nuffnang ads. One down, more to go.

Worse than GoDaddy’s is WordPress.org support forum’s response – which is what makes me really disappointed being a fan and advocate of WordPress.COM. For reasons that I cannot understand, the threads that I’ve started haven’t been answered no matter how I repost it. And in my desire to solve the problem on my own, I did everything that I thought can possibly fix the 500 – Internal Server Error, an error that came next and that has left me clueless for more than two weeks already.




This one appears every time I import my dot com xml file.

This one appears every time I import my dot com xml file.

So I guess it’s about time that I describe on my own blog what I’ve done so far.

The first time I subscribed and got my GoDaddy account, I had the WordPress 2.7.1 application installed automatically through their Hosting Connection page.


This is where one can automatically install the WordPress application.

This is where one can automatically install the WordPress application.

After that, however, just when I thought that all is well, I kept on encountering the 500 – Internal Server Error and I was thinking that it must have something to do with one of the scripts that may have been corrupted during the installation process. It was then that I decided to do the tedious manual installation as detailed in WordPress.org’s Codex page. Surprisingly, at one point of this manual process I got interested and had my first time to use an FTP client application – FileZilla (I discovered that this one is very easy to use and I highly recommend it to transfer bulk of files). 


An FTP client that is user-friendly.

An FTP client that is user-friendly.


My WordPress version 2.7.1 manual installation became a success…or so I think. Soon to my dismay though, I learned that it doesn’t solve the Internal Server Error which is now beginning to be a total nightmare. It still exists every time I import my WordPress.com XML file through my marcuscanblog.com admin page and no matter how I repeat the whole process, it just doesn’t make any favorable progress.


This case is becoming hopeless, and I had to switch back to my free URL – crisn.wordpress.com – but I’m not yet about to give up. However, until when I’d be able resolve it, I don’t have any clue. Hopefully, someone dropping by my site and happens to see this blog can give his piece of advice.


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Thanking the pirates


If you’re thinking that I just turned coat because of the need to save and having no choice but to patronize illegal softwares, we’ll I’m not. It’s just that the feeling of being free and having so much time to kill got me into trying how to create a facebook quiz last night. Pathetic isn’t it?

What I find funny though is that this time I feel like making a quiz with pure Filipino words which I haven’t done since then. I rarely use tagalog because I feel I’d more prone to grammar errors than composing something in English. In fact I kept on asking my wife for the correct spelling of some of the Filipino words. So last night’s experiment was quite entertaining and somehow I was able to release my Bob Ong alter ego. Hahaha.

Unfortunately, the quiz didn’t run as I expected it to be. I don’t know if I missed it, but I saw several issues with facebook’s create quiz application. I tried looking for a button that would let me preview and test my own quiz first without having to publish it prematurely; I also wondered how I can put just two choices even if I have four outcomes; and as much as I’d like to keep and fine tune it first, sleepiness crept in and consequently, my judgment and perfectionism gave up – I shamelessly published the half-baked quiz with me being the only person enjoying the result…as if I don’t know it yet. Ti abi.

I’m not sure if I can resolve the problem with the application, but I’m sure that I’ll be asking a lot of newbie questions in the developers forum…and most likely, will later feel bad how stupid of me to miss such simple things. Anyway, before I forget (and receive hate emails for not doing so), I’d like to give credit to the following Flickr Creative Commons users who shared their nice photos which I used in the Anong klaseng pirata ka (What kind of pirate are you?) quiz:

Capn Madd Matt

Phoney Nickel/Tiffany

Deep Shot

Extra Medium/John Mueller

Orangegeek – I can’t find this user anymore but I’m quite sure I grabbed this pic from him but wasn’t able to use it immediately. So if you know this Flickr user, please try to inform him about this.


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