Facebook shockers…


Let’s admit it, from time to time we love a good laugh, we love a good read, and yes, we even love a good gossip. And that’s what I like about facebook. It’s like an online Aliwan Komiks, a sosyal tabloid, a friend’s sports mag, a contact’s personal tech review forum or whatever one will call it (and sees fit). What makes it even interesting is that as our network of friends and contact grow, the rate of how we acquire knowledge, gather information or even our source of entertainment broadens, sometimes even better than the rate we will achieve from watching (no pun intended) Discovery Channel, browsing an MBA book, scanning an Entrepreneur magazine, reading a paperback novel or even killing time (and common sense) from watching a never-ending boring telenovela.  

So thanks to the advent of such social networking site, everyday, as we open the familiar blue and white site (reminiscent of my ex-employer. hehehe), we get to check and know what’s with our friends lately – an update that makes us happy, more informed, fascinated, sad, and sometimes, shocked. So far here is my mixed top 20 list (some according to my friends who shared their FB experiences):

  1. So, he does pray?

  2. She can write well?

  3. Sila na pala?

  4. She’s into kama sutra?

  5. She can do yoga?

  6. He’s a blogger? Kelan pa?

  7. That was shot using a DSLR camera?

  8. He’s a war freak?

  9. She’s a vegan?

  10. She is now abroad and doing good?

  11. She’s still tactless after all these years?

  12. Bakit hindi na si kumare ang nasa avatar nya?

  13. She’s into Mafia Wars?

  14. She has good humor pala. Kala ko mataray.

  15. He thinks asset nya likod nya?

  16. Isn’t that an annoying smile?

  17. Was she that fat in high school?

  18. When did she become a hottie?

  19. He can cook?

  20. Matalino pala sya?

Some of these items belongs only to one person, while others are specific, and most of these have its complete opposite (aren’t you glad?) belonging to some other friends or contacts. I’ll let you figure it out. So how about you? Any facebook learning, discovery or shocker? Please share.


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Test share from Yahoo!

From jaxti…

This is a test of sharing pictures coming from flickr through Yahoo! Mail’s application. Well, it’s a bit small and it has to be clicked for one to view it from where it was originally uploaded in flickr. Not bad for beta (?). Next test will be posting blog using the WordPress.com application directly from Yahoo! Mail.


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San Vicente unwired


My wife’s home in Batangas is finally wireless. After weeks of tinkering with the configurations of the TP-Link’s TL-WR340G, it is now working and the house is now a WiFi zone. And how did I do it? Simple, after several weekends of googling for answers (and finding some hope which actually didn’t work), today I find a no-nonsense tip from a local forum – TipidPC.com. Here’s the instruction by a forum member named borg_ph that solved my lingering problem and that made the connection possible: 

first, reset your TP-Link router to factory settings:
a.) turn off your tp-link and press RESET, keep it pressed.
b.) turn ON tp-link and wait for 6 to 8 seconds bago mo release ang reset
* reset natin router just to make sure there are no misconfiguration.

Next, connect your PC to the router’s LAN port (maski saan basta sa LAN port)
a.) logon to (use admin/admin)
b.) click Network, change to
c.) click SAVE

Connect H9200 to TP-Link’s WAN port and check if your PC can surf the internet.


The problem I encountered here was a compatibility problem between Digitel’s BIDA package’s Prolink H9200AR when connected to the TP-Link WR340G wireless router – which I find ironic that two brands having LINK as the common word don’t actually link to each other.

One time I brought this wireless router back home in Cavite after I got frustrated and consequently surrendered figuring what the problem is all about. But after seconds of connecting it to ours (which is also Digitel but a modem of different brand) it worked plug and play. That confirmed my conclusion that it was indeed about compatibility or a conflict IP issue with that modem in Batangas.

And thanks to the internet, especially TipidPC.com, I can now surf the net when I’m on vacation, unwired.


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WordPress.org gaga


The page is still bland and the subtitle says it all.
The page is still bland and the subtitle says it all.

I’m in a desperate situation right now with regards to getting my self-hosted WordPress blog up and running. The last time I mentioned that I got it, I realized soon enough that it isn’t working the way I expected it to be. I was only able to make the marcuscanblog.com domain work but not the whole WordPress.org admin page; I discovered my mistake when I was about to install a nuffnang ad and while I was following their instruction on how to post their banner, I noticed that I’m not in the right WordPress admin dashboard – it doesn’t have a script editor.

Since then I was busy submitting complaint tickets to GoDaddy and it wasn’t the promptness (it normally takes 24 hours) of the reply that bothers me but the quality of each reply – most of it were more like a clue rather than a direct solution instruction. Later on after figuring out what the agents from GoDaddy were talking about, I was able to post the nuffnang ads. One down, more to go.

Worse than GoDaddy’s is WordPress.org support forum’s response – which is what makes me really disappointed being a fan and advocate of WordPress.COM. For reasons that I cannot understand, the threads that I’ve started haven’t been answered no matter how I repost it. And in my desire to solve the problem on my own, I did everything that I thought can possibly fix the 500 – Internal Server Error, an error that came next and that has left me clueless for more than two weeks already.




This one appears every time I import my dot com xml file.

This one appears every time I import my dot com xml file.

So I guess it’s about time that I describe on my own blog what I’ve done so far.

The first time I subscribed and got my GoDaddy account, I had the WordPress 2.7.1 application installed automatically through their Hosting Connection page.


This is where one can automatically install the WordPress application.

This is where one can automatically install the WordPress application.

After that, however, just when I thought that all is well, I kept on encountering the 500 – Internal Server Error and I was thinking that it must have something to do with one of the scripts that may have been corrupted during the installation process. It was then that I decided to do the tedious manual installation as detailed in WordPress.org’s Codex page. Surprisingly, at one point of this manual process I got interested and had my first time to use an FTP client application – FileZilla (I discovered that this one is very easy to use and I highly recommend it to transfer bulk of files). 


An FTP client that is user-friendly.

An FTP client that is user-friendly.


My WordPress version 2.7.1 manual installation became a success…or so I think. Soon to my dismay though, I learned that it doesn’t solve the Internal Server Error which is now beginning to be a total nightmare. It still exists every time I import my WordPress.com XML file through my marcuscanblog.com admin page and no matter how I repeat the whole process, it just doesn’t make any favorable progress.


This case is becoming hopeless, and I had to switch back to my free URL – crisn.wordpress.com – but I’m not yet about to give up. However, until when I’d be able resolve it, I don’t have any clue. Hopefully, someone dropping by my site and happens to see this blog can give his piece of advice.


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Thanking the pirates


If you’re thinking that I just turned coat because of the need to save and having no choice but to patronize illegal softwares, we’ll I’m not. It’s just that the feeling of being free and having so much time to kill got me into trying how to create a facebook quiz last night. Pathetic isn’t it?

What I find funny though is that this time I feel like making a quiz with pure Filipino words which I haven’t done since then. I rarely use tagalog because I feel I’d more prone to grammar errors than composing something in English. In fact I kept on asking my wife for the correct spelling of some of the Filipino words. So last night’s experiment was quite entertaining and somehow I was able to release my Bob Ong alter ego. Hahaha.

Unfortunately, the quiz didn’t run as I expected it to be. I don’t know if I missed it, but I saw several issues with facebook’s create quiz application. I tried looking for a button that would let me preview and test my own quiz first without having to publish it prematurely; I also wondered how I can put just two choices even if I have four outcomes; and as much as I’d like to keep and fine tune it first, sleepiness crept in and consequently, my judgment and perfectionism gave up – I shamelessly published the half-baked quiz with me being the only person enjoying the result…as if I don’t know it yet. Ti abi.

I’m not sure if I can resolve the problem with the application, but I’m sure that I’ll be asking a lot of newbie questions in the developers forum…and most likely, will later feel bad how stupid of me to miss such simple things. Anyway, before I forget (and receive hate emails for not doing so), I’d like to give credit to the following Flickr Creative Commons users who shared their nice photos which I used in the Anong klaseng pirata ka (What kind of pirate are you?) quiz:

Capn Madd Matt

Phoney Nickel/Tiffany

Deep Shot

Extra Medium/John Mueller

Orangegeek – I can’t find this user anymore but I’m quite sure I grabbed this pic from him but wasn’t able to use it immediately. So if you know this Flickr user, please try to inform him about this.


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Part II: Thank God it’s Final

Since I have finally decided to migrate from Blogger to WordPress, I’m now transferring some posts which I made exclusive in my blogspot account. Good thing there are just four posts for now and luckily these are just short ones.

These posts will belong to a new category which I will call Out of the Blue posts. This category will basically contain brief posts which may be short reviews, photos with short captions, product comments, TV ads review, light bulb moments, etcetera.

As of this moment I’m still trying to figure out how to work around GoDaddy.com as I’m having some difficulty installing WordPress 2.7.1 which is supposed to be done in jiffy as documented in WordPress.Org’s 5-minute installation handy guide.

I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, although the possibility is high, but I’m now dealing with something alien. Right now my mind is crammed with things like MySQL, PhP.net and other database and web hosting-related stuffs. I’m up to the challenge for several compelling reasons like making sure that I don’t waste the USD83.82 I paid to get this web host.

I also have sent an email to GoDaddy’s customer support team. And the weird thing about it is that something in me is trying to make me dial their 1-800 number out of curiosity if their customer service agent follows the inbound call flow. Hmmm, it seems like today’s customer service training is still haunting me, huh. Well, I’d like to get even now. “Hello, thank you for calling GoDaddy.com. This is Mr. Smith, how may I help you?” Better be ready Mr. Smith, I’m gonna be an irate caller. Hahaha. Just kidding.


Just yesterday, I also added another category called Learning and this one will be about training, seminars, studies and other similar things related to my continuous quest to learn.


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Twitter: doing what?

My abundance of nothing but time has made me a sucker for social networking sites. And when I saw this morning the article 10 Ways to Build Your Blog Community with Twitter my mouse led me to it as if it was an Ouija board pointer. I was in Twitter.com in seconds. Soon enough I was reading, “What is Twitter?” which was followed by a very brief no-brainer description and the very last line states: what are you doing right now? Hmmm. Here I go again.

I dont know who else cant answer the question.

I don't know who else can't answer the question.

As simple as it appears, being asked what am I doing right now, has the same effect to me as when cops order their suspects, “Freeze!” That’s because it makes me pause for a bit or so and would actually think if what am I really doing. Or worse, am I really doing something in the first place? For me these are tough questions. 35 days from now, it will be tougher.

I’m one of those people who consider the word doing as something being done with an effort and to give answers such as “I’m surfing the net”, “reading blogs”, “watching TV”, “drinking coffee”, “watching paint dry” or “I’m killing time” gives me guilt – I can obviously do these without even thinking. And then social networking sites entered my life.

Weeks have passed by and I’ve been a regular facebook crowd. So far I’ve gathered a large group of friends, most of which are my colleagues and some are schoolmates. Others are my mafia – if you know what I’m talking about. I’m now one of those itching to type something in the “What’s on your mind?” field. I just don’t know if I’ve sleepwalked just to fill in something new. Hahaha. Needless to say, I enjoy just hanging around. In fact, I love being there that I cancelled my Friendster account at last because I never liked it to begin with.

Today, I find another good one – Twitter.com. I’ve been receiving invites in the past but just like facebook invites last year, I’ve ignored it. It’s the catchy article that got me hooked since I know that I’ll be in the blog world most of the time starting on May. That is, if our energetic baby will allow it; which reminds me by the way that I’m a full time Dad today. Now, if that doesn’t answer the question: what are you doing right now? I don’t know what will. Believe me, to say that it’s done with an effort, is an understatement. Shhh…he’s waking up. Bye for now.

Cris is now keeping a close watch of the baby.” Ti abi.




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What’s online…what else is not?

The long list of Facebook invitations in my personal email’s inbox finally made me to open my Facebook account which has remained static for a year and three months already. Friendster didn’t succeed but really this time Facebook had me join the millions of those who got hooked to social networking. Thanks to the big void at work, I have no choice but to face it – online.

Since then I’ve been more active online and has been in culture shock once more. It’s funny but the last time I used that term to describe an experience was when I transitioned job coming from a subcontractor semiconductor company to a multinational company – and to mention it’s one of the top back then. But hey, that’s another story. Let’s talk more about it after a month or so.

I’m so amused with this recent experience as I now have at least another medium to keep in touch with schoolmates, long lost friends, colleagues and the majority of our company’s badminton players. I’ve become a fan of Facebook’s wall which is like Friendster’s shoutout but is way better in aesthetics, speed and interaction – you now have a hint how I hate Friendster. And what I find fascinating about it is the number of online applications available to keep one occupied during the 8-hour shift. Go figure. Since I (re)started a couple of weeks ago, I have received weird request to answer weird quizzes, I’ve received virtual snacks and would you believe, I’ve even mugged someone online. Thankfully, it’s all just for fun (though I’m quite sure elders will find it anything but funny). And that isn’t the whole gamut of what is possibly online, yet.

This Sunday, I was once again tempted to buy a newspaper not because I was already awake very early in the morning and was lured to reading online Ting-ting Cojuangco’s Beauty and the Breast article. Good thing it wasn’t what I was expecting it to be or I’ll be truly guilty reading it on a Sunday morning. It’s just because I’ve become so addicted to holding one while just passing time at home. Besides, what’s twenty pesos if I can read side by side with my wife at the sofa and with our little boy trying to split the newspaper into half because he’d like to play at the same time? Newspaper, Php20. Reading with wife and kid, priceless.

Oddly, I also have this obsession of reading just the ads that could even make my day even if I know for a fact that I can’t even buy any of it…especially right now. I love looking at the new car models and the marketing offers that comes along with it. I also enjoy looking at hardware ads which usually contains power tools sale. Athletic shoes attract me as well. And almost anything, other than the news, there is on the page, I give it time to stare at. But today, my curiosity led me to something strange, chilling and hilarious at the same time – I was staring at the obituary page. Don’t freak out yet, I’m not cheering because of someone else’s death. I just saw one ad that says “Online Burol”.

Care to sign up?

Care to sign up?

Although the funeral service’s ad has their URL posted in their banner, I don’t have any plan to google that yet. As much as I’d like to get answers on how this is done, I’m still letting some funny thoughts on my mind linger like how can some kin from abroad benefit from an online burial service? Does he click a dropdown menu and select an option such as bury my grandmother. And does a confirmation window pops out saying, “Do you really want to bury your grandmother? Please click Yes or No”. Or does it have an option to bury a videoke-singing neighbor? Hahaha. Sorry can’t help it? Just kidding.

The internet has indeed evolved. It has done so much that everyone has jumped onboard to exploit its potentials whether we like it or not. And with my recent discovery of this funeral service being offered, whether my assumptions of how it is done is true or not, I now won’t be surprise if there will be more eerie services that we will soon learn does indeed exist. Therefore, the question that we should ask now is, “what else isn’t online?”



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Typepad: New post and control panel features


This is my final review of Typepad and I have made up my mind to end my trial period while still in the middle of it. But before I do that let me make a brief review of other things that I missed. This time I’m going to discuss about posting and some of its control panel features.

Posting. Posting can be done in three ways:

1. Direct posting through the site. Just like any other blog providers, this too is available in Typepad. In my case, I rarely use this one (even with Blogger or WordPress) as this is very basic, internet connection dependent (i.e. can’t be done offline) and lacks editing and formatting tools that are present in Microsoft Word or its equivalent like openoffice.org’s Write application.

2. Publishing through MS Office Word 2007. This is always my preferred way of posting ever since I acquired this software.

Yes, Typepad is among MS Word 2007s blog list.

Yes, Typepad is among MS Word 2007's blog list.

3. by using Typepad’s QuickPost feature. This isn’t much but may still come in handy especially if you want to immediately blog about an article in the web. All it takes to activate this is by saving a file from Typepad, install it, and restart the browser for it to take effect. Then once you spot anything of interest in the web, you can just hit your right-click button and select the QuickPost from the menu. You may either publish or draft your post from here.

Other control panel features. The control panel is as common as WordPress and there are only few things that may be new or at least worth noting.

Just so you know until when you can avail of the free trial period. Of course, this is also where you click to cancel your account - which I will today.

Shows an overview of your account.

Shows an overview of your account.

Typepad stats page has this dynamic graph. By dragging the horizontal slider enables one to see activities from a specific period.

You can be your own spam guard by banning IPs or specific words. Helpful if you want to filter some comments coming from non-English speaking visitors or spammers.

You can be your own spam guard by banning IPs or specific words. Helpful if you want to filter some comments coming from non-English speaking visitors or spammers.

Although the USD 44.55 discounted annual fee is fairly competitive enough, at least compared to other webhost wherein one blogger can freely include ads in his site. I think that having Typepad would be beneficial if a niche market is targeted which is isn’t my case right now. Lastly, I just wish that if ever the time comes for me to reconsider Typepad, its developers and administrators have already done improvement that will fully convince any blogger to avail of its service even if it isn’t free.


 Wordpress is making it hard for me to leave. While inserting images for this post, I discovered that I can actually place a border to each image. Likewise I also learned about what the Link to Image button is for – it makes the images clickable and will show its full size. 

As I get more blog time I get to appreciate WordPress more. Now, should I start considering WordPress.Org?  I read this week that it is the commercial WordPress and it allows ads. WordPress.Com is its non-commercial counterpart, thus the zero ads rule. Hmmm. Think, think, think.


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From resignation letters, Ateneo to Typepad


I’m all mixed up once again. It’s just more than 24 hours and I’ve already done several things not so related to each other but has nevertheless kept myself busy, frustrated, confused, and excited – may not be in proper order but may apply all at one point. Yes. I’m once again having that chopsuey day. Well, just to remain optimistic there’s always a good thing about bad, or let’s just say confusing, things – at least it doesn’t make my day SSDD.


After a meeting with the rest of our village’s board of directors yesterday and with our treasurer walking out of the meeting, I finally filed my formal resignation this morning as well. It’s not because I’m fed up at any of them but it’s because of the troubling effect that goes along with the treasurer walking out – and her probable termination.

So this morning while trying to decide between eating proper breakfast or leaving on time for one of the most important things I’ll be doing in the next few months to come, with fingers tightly crossed, I hurriedly typed what has been going on inside my mind for weeks – my resignation letter. It’s about time.

I miss the days when this is a common sight.

I miss the days when this is a common sight.

I really hated doing it but I did the best that I could to explain the reasons why I’m leaving this time. I’ve got several compelling reasons and one of which is living a quiet life away from the baseless accusations, gossips and intrigues which are sadly done by elders who are supposed act as well-meaning advisers in the community. Although these may not be directly addressed to me I can’t bear hearing it anymore and this isn’t the environment that I want our baby boy to witness – this is one major reason.

Now I’m back, hopefully, to living as a private individual. Next time, I’ll share some of the homeowners association woos and woes.


Other than filing my resignation which I just realize was actually my first as I never had the chance to make one since I joined a team, organization or even a company (incidentally, I’ll be leaving my current job without it again), I started the first step to another milestone in my life.

This morning, I went to Ateneo Rockwell to register for their MBA Regis program course entrance exam. Although, their building wasn’t exactly as vivid as what they have on their website’s header, I was still thrilled and excited the moment I saw it from afar and it got even more intense when I came inside. The place itself had this professional feel and the surrounding appears to be a very conducive place to learn. What especially caught my attention though was the solemn chapel inside the campus. I’m wondering now if this is filled to its capacity during exams with most of the students asking for divine intervention. Anyway, just in case it is, I’ll just bear kneeling outside. Hmm.

Lawyers do pray here. Photo by: Michael Gomez

Law students do pray here. Photo by: Michael Gomez

The whole registration process went very orderly. I don’t know if this is always the case but when I arrived at the registrar’s counter, there were only four other people transacting and even if I had to go down to the cashier’s office to pay for the exam fee everything was still a breeze. When I left home this morning, I was prepared to be in a long line of students and have asked myself for extra patience. But then Ateneo’s automated system changed my perception of a traditional registration flow – it took me just about 10 minutes to finish the whole transaction and I was happily on my way home just in time for a late lunch and a well-deserved siesta – considering that it’s from Cavite to and from Makati being completed all in the morning wasn’t bad at all.


My blogging addiction (and to mention financial desperation) has stepped up. In my desire to monetize my blog, I’ve been searching for days already on how to do it properly. I’ve also researched on what free or paid blog providers will cater monetization. Somehow, I discover that in this case the best things aren’t free. And this led me back to Typepad.com.

I actually have made the first steps in signing up with Typepad a couple of weeks ago but I was taken aback when I saw that its 14-day trial period would require me to enter my credit card number. Yesterday, as I run out of choice and with my eagerness to sign back I read and re-read the trial period conditions which to my relief say that I won’t be charge if I cancel before the 14-day period. And so I proceeded.

Sadly, my first impression about this paid blogging site isn’t good. For one, my expectation of Typepad being better than WordPress faded soon enough as I had a hard time using its dashboard. I find its features falling short of WordPress’ and just a bit better than Blogger.com. I still have 13 days to exploit it, but as of now I’m already revisiting my Blogger account and have done some re-layouts and modifications. I can see that it’s starting to look a lot like Typepad now. It’s a shame. But of course, I’m not quitting on Typepad yet. In the next days to come, I’ll spend some time using it and will give it another chance to prove its worth. Hopefully, at the end of the trial period is a win-win situation.

This is Typepads dashboard.

This is Typepad’s dash….

This is WordPress dashboard.

And this is WordPress’ dash…now take your pick.



Photo credit: Michael Gomez




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