Revision History


*Primary URL is changed from to



*Added the category Learning.



*Added Twitter widget.



*Added Technorati button.

*Added Pinoyblogosphere banner.

*Added my own blogger icon.


03/13/09 (Friday the 13th)

*Revised Who is the “Time-Killer” page. Deleted link to killtimedoblog and added Marcus Can Blog link.



*Added widget: Recent Comments

*Added new blog links classification: Friends/Online contacts

*Added Revision History page

*Renamed Blogroll to Best Blogs

*Renamed WPP Killers page to WordPress Pinoys Killers

*Changed archive blogs setting to drop down menu



*Started using mood ratings at every end of each blog. 1/10 Honks for the highest mood while 10/10 Honks for the lowest, of course.

*Organized my categories into the following parent categories:

1. Driving

2. Life

3. Opinions and advocacies

4. Read and write

5. Recreation

6. Technology

7. Work

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