The Fat and the Furious

Who's fat, who's curious?

Where can you find a driving condition such as this? Racing with 4 other cars. Helmet and Seat belt not required. Infant in front of the car.

Fear not, safe driving advocates. This was taken inside an arcade in Robinson’s Bacolod.

Here’s my son, more focused than I am, at the other 3 cars in front of us…Hahaha.

Happy Easter, everyone!


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House jump

Bacolod. Black Saturday. Everyone’s out but us. And there’s not much to do after my morning jog, some house hold chores (inc. fixing the pig pen) and having breakfast.

Marcus felt bored. Wifey was playing with the camera. I’m online – and wondering if I have to blog once more about Bacolod’s garbage problem. Not this time.

Wifey’s creativity eventually got me and baby Marcus do this weird thing. In the end, we all enjoyed it



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Baby parking

I was browsing through my pictures and saw this. Taken on the day Marcus visited SM Mall Of Asia for the first time. “He” parked his stroller here. It’s funny that the parking sensor indicator turned red. If there’s any mall that’s baby-friendly, this is it. *LOL*



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This I guess is one of life’s simple pleasures – watching my baby sleep. I feel this unexplainable feeling that soothes whatever frustration I had. His breathing is rapid yet subtle; His body gently rolls from side to side yet I can feel he is assured; His innocent smile makes me wonder what his dream is all about; His fist clenches yet not because of anger or hatred…



This is my first post coming from Flickr. Nice?


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Home Alone with a Baby

“A coward is a hero with a wife, kids, and a mortgage.” -Marvin Kitman, author and media critic (b. 1929)


Today is my first time to be left alone with some so little yet so handful to be with – our baby. I had to skip work just to see and feel how well I’ll do with this tiny living gift we got just less than a month ago. Likewise it’s my way of checking if the baby routines systematically listed by my wife on the cork board will work out fine if followed to the dot by our neighbor whom we asked to babysit for him while we’re out.

The drowsiness and a bit of headache didn’t keep my enthusiasm to face the day – more than 12 hours ahead with just me and him. And the moment my wife closed the gate and headed for work, I was mentally conditioning myself and was trying if I can remember the routines even if I’m not looking at it. There’s breakfast, vitamin and supplement intake, bath time, playtime and lunch for the first half. The second half upon review shows two more playtimes separated by two other routines. Wow! Isn’t that overwhelming enough for someone who’ll be left alone with such demanding baby?

Now after 12 hours that seems to me like months of workout in the gym – at least there you don’t wipe someone else’s poop – I didn’t realize that I finished everything that is listed. Right after I set the innocent and handsome looking small guy in his colorful crib, with his eyes beginning to show his sleepiness, I was so ecstatic that I feel like calling a celebration. Unfortunately, I can’t shout for joy as I’m so sure it will be like waking a sleeping little giant – who’ll be so eager to get out of his sleeping pen once again to play like there’s no tomorrow.

A dads mandatory and embarassing picture with the Jollibee mascot.

A dad's mandatory and embarassing picture with the Jollibee mascot. Taken in SM Bacolod.



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Our November…So Far


The 11th month which happens to be the birth month for both wifey and I seems indeed to be our November. And although it has not yet reached even its middle part, everything that has occurred after 11 days is like life itself compressed in two weeks. There was confusion, anxiety, boring times, and of course, funny and exciting moments as well.


As previously blogged, November 1 was better when compared last year. The days that followed have been spent waiting for results – results that would dictate how 2009 will be for us. And yes that’s right, this month I’m thinking that this may be the conclusion of our 2008 already.


I’m very excited to share the details but unfortunately there are reasons (one is time) as well that hold me back from doing so. Instead I’ll just be brief for now what has happened so far: Yesterday, I’m resetting my countdown to bumhood. And tomorrow, we’ll have one that will complete our family. Needless to say, both of these are blessings that I can never thank enough.


For now, I’m just feeling lucky even if the news coming from our TV is just as bleak as the weather outside.


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