Give The Dirty Finger

Few more days and Filipinos will give these politicians the dirty finger.

An Eco-friendly Campaign Period

Sen. Loren Legarda posted this morning an appeal to the politicians that they try using biodegradable campaign materials this election period. It’s a good call to action but here’s why I don’t believe it is 100% possible.

So can we achieve an eco-friendly election campaign period? Well, yes and no.

Yes. Politicians’ promises are recycled.

No. Most of our politicians are plastics.


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An unlikely compliment

Remember the saying, “give credit to whom credit is due”? Well, this is what I’m doing right now. After weeks of preparing for this day and setting my mind that today I’d be needing extra patience because I’m going to deal with people inside the municipal hall to have myself registered as a voter for next year’s election, I was actually surprised how everything went unexpectedly fast.

Contrary to what I’ve heard from personal feedbacks and from the tri-media news, the registration process was a breeze. I was already readying myself to spend at least a half day inside the municipal hall when I got stuck in the verification (first step) because the personnel has to leave his table every time just to go to another floor where the computer is located. But no cursing of any form came from my side – I brought along a book to read in anticipation of a long day. But guess what? I was wrong. After the inefficient step one, the next steps went so smoothly that after I had my picture taken I asked the personnel twice if the registration is indeed over.

So despite the recent exposés (from news on TV) like overpriced voter’s ID lamination and registrations ending way ahead of time thus leaving registrants frustrated, this time I’m giving credit to the Comelec people (probably some are volunteers) of Dasmarinas, Cavite. Hopefully it will remain this way until the last day of the registration process. Of course, it will help a lot if soon-to-be voters will not wait for the very last day and cram themselves inside the municipal hall which for sure will have an impact to the efficiency of both the Comelec personnel and their usually frail computer system.



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Jim’s Country

“Easy come, easy go” – Anonymous

The benefits of the world wide web always fascinates me. Gone are the days when one has to travel far, endure a long queue and rub sweaty faces and armpits just to get near a celebrity to brush elbows with them or if he gets lucky enough, exchange ideas with them. Trust me though it won’t even last a couple of minutes, then. Nowadays, what one has to do to get close to anyone whom he adores or likes is just a couple of type away in any search engine available. Or getting it from your on-line networks.

I got Jim’s site from my wife’s links. She’s his fan. From then on I return to it every now and then to check on his blogs as I discover more about him than reading from the Song Hits mags (do this mag still exist?) or any other newspapers. On his site, I slowly uncover his talents, ideas, spirituality,fantasies (surprisingly, a man of his stature still have fanstasies) and even, his temperament, that is if you read between the lines. Sometimes though it is just too obvious.

Last night right after posting my blog I tried to check his again and there it was, he’s angry at something now. Something that I was also angry at for several days already. As I read about it I find that his frustrations (and evil wishes) are just like any other Filipino. And the thing about it is that he could have cared less, let the issue pass off his mind in his Australian residence. But he did not.

I know Jim is one of those who participated in the Edsa 1 revolution. He even composed the song “Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo” as a theme for the post-Edsa 1 Filipino. And If were in his shoes I’d be so frustrated as well with the succession of events that have been going on lately. The Filipinos have forgotten again. I don’t know if it’s just me, but with the current situation, I can imagine again people calling for reforms, calling for the president to step down, calling for a snap election…maybe sooner they (or we) would be calling the Gods to cast fire unto the Philippines. If we don’t get our acts together, we’ll get it sooner than we think. Now I’m frustrated.

Anyway, what I learned today is that even a man like Jim, who may have stuffed his walk-in closet with awards and accomplishments (or even cash) is still likely to give damn (pardon the word) about what is happening to our country. I wish (or is it proper to say hope) that sooner, not later, someone from the millions of Filipinos will step in to take leadership (but please let the current term finish. To hell with those who are now planning a new “EDSA”) with unquestionable integrity and bravery to face and eradicate the TRAPOs that have been multiplying every election.

Tomorrow is barangay election day. Keep your fingers crossed.