Bobo Ka…nga ba?

A couple of nights ago, despite the piled up school assignments, I was tempted to design a logo which I will post here on my blog until next year’s election is over. Like most people (I assume), the recent development in the political arena is quite something that should be of concern to us Filipinos.

Once again, we see a circus of events and a mix of personality that seems to make a mockery of our intellects or whatever is left out of it. Politicians are now more active than ever with a few more months before the May 2010 event. Unfotunately, their sudden activity doesn’t translate to any benefit to the majority but on the contrary, large sums of money, likely from the taxpayers, are once again circulating to benefit these self-serving individuals.

This logo with the Filipino phrase, Boboto Ka ba? (Are you voting?) is a sign of both my frustration with the political development and my commitment to vote wisely. And by posting it on my blog site, I hope to help instill informed decision-making and critical thinking. With this logo, I encourage everyone to…

not get suckered into believing that those mingling with the poor are immediately for the poor.

not get emotional and get carried away into picking one because he is related to someone we adored so much.

not blindly follow someone because he said was called by god to lead his people.

not get jiggy with political campaign jingles (or songs) because most likely it’s there to sugarcoat our tamang akala.

not believe when they say that the info ads were paid by friends (and if it were, these friends will likely get a favor in return).

Let’s take a look what they really can offer and if they can get that offer done in the end. Let’s be properly informed and then let’s decide who gets to take our country’s top seat.

Remember that after 2010, there will be another 6 more years. Let’s rub off the thought that we can just go back to EDSA again, hold hands, say a prayer, sing another mushy song, wear yellow or whatever color is IN and kick (figuratively or literally) whoever is in power and then do it all over again. Being an informed voter isn’t easy but at least let’s try our best to be one. O ano, BOBOto KA nga ba? Sana oo.



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