I also don’t eat utan

Other than enjoying a cholesterol-filled dinner of small-sized crabs (I don’t consider it crablets), what topped off this unhealthy night is this Ilonggo Indie film clip which I saw from one of my Facebook friend’s post. The title alone captured my attention due to a couple of reasons: First, as a kid I hate veggies and even until now I eat it just for health’s sake – if given the choice I won’t touch and more so eat one. Second, the title is in Ilonggo, my native tongue.

So here’s that clip that made me to have mixed emotions as I always have this second thought of seeing animals being slaughtered for food. I’m a meat eater but as much as possible I’d rather not watch that food-to-be’s life taken in front of me. But then again, I don’t eat utan. Tough choice, huh? Anyway, enjoy this clip.



This reminds me of last weekend while in Batangas. We were in a birthday party when I saw this group of men gathered around a cow tied to a post. Although, I haven’t witnessed a cow being slaughtered up close, I already had the idea what is about to happen next. The gory thought of a poor animal being held helplessly while fighting for his life, no matter how futile, played on my mind.

Then I saw one of the men approach the cow, unsheathed a surprisingly short knife from his waist and point it somewhere on top of the cow’s head. At this point I was thinking, “Uh-oh, this will be messy and bloody.” But I was wrong. In a blink of an eye, literally, the man pressed the knife down, the cow went limp, fell to the ground and became lifeless almost in an instant. That quick.  Well, at least it didn’t suffer. It made me think and hope that this is the case for every meat-to-be in the slaughter houses.



4/10 Honks (all the bloody thought may get in my dreams tonight) 



Masskara: New Things…Part II

“So many beers, So little time.” – Alcoholics Anonymous

“Kari sa Bacolod, dala maskara.” Masskara Festival quote

I never thought that coming back to Bacolod during the Masskara festival would bring such a new experience even for me. Regardless of our 3-day stay being a bit short and was full of odds (as I’ve mentioned before), the vacation was not only fun but educational as well. Sounds like something from Knowledge TV? Well, sort of.

Some of the new things I learned are:

Upon returning to work after the time-warped vacation, this year’s street parade music kept playing in my mind. LSS (Last song syndrome) or was it forced deeper in my ear canals with the giant speakers (actually, I’ve seen bigger ones before) that surrounded the whole plaza? What’s weird is, this year’s music is in Ilonggo (I got used to hearing foreign festive/pop songs, but then it’s more appropriate) but in modern version. I don’t know the origin of that song but I knew we used to sing that one way back in my Elementary days -“may ga-labaylabay na aso, utot ni Celso (A smoke passed by, it was Celso’s gas)”. Don’t worry, that’s our wrecked lyrics. The original one is decent. By the way, Celso was our classmate.

Masskara is pronounced as MASSkara rather than massKARA. I must have been too focused with getting drunk when I was in college that I failed to learn about this. I never even knew that it was only 28 years ago when the first festival was celebrated. And so it dawned on me that I may have indeed attended the 1st street parade. I still can recall which street I was watching it and what mask my parents bought for me. I was a smiling devil then. Ti abi, a Christian in a Devil’s mask. What could be more ironic than that?

The Club category street parade had several participants with its members on scooters. Gone are the days when BMX and Mountain bikes can be seen parading and performing – or did we miss it? I like what it used to be as the sight of motorized vehicles dominating the parade is not only noisy but polluting as well. Anyway, it’s one of the signs of the times.

Bacolod at last has its own SM mall. Just barely a year old and built in the reclamation area, it is now home not only to mall goers but of course a job source for almost 6000 employees. This is only one of several new companies (another famous one is Teletech, a BPO company) that started doing business there. Hopefully other Manufacturing corporation gets enticed as well. I might consider working there if that happens.

Lastly, I learned that I can now enjoy a shower at home without having to fetch water – which before won’t even get me to use the shower head. Kabo lang (water scoop only). Since we transferred there (1980s), on good days I’ll be pumping water from our well, on bad days though I would have to fetch a couple of blocks from home (from our neighbor’s). And that is done daily. No Ifs or Buts. That went on even until my last year – i.e., before I left to look for work. So before we left home for our trip back to Cavite, I enjoyed my shower just like those in soap commercials. Sorry Greenpeace, I really have to enjoy it.

So now, although I’m back working, back to reality, I’m now looking forward to being in Bacolod again for the Christmas season. I’m just really hoping that next time my on-line reservations will be better, weather will be great, more polite taxi drivers, fewer litterbugs and that Cebu Pacific’s baggage receiving area will at least have a conveyor belt – automated or not, it would be a big improvement from their current system. Ti abi.