Marcus in Manila

Marcus in Manila

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It’s another trip to the Metro but this time with Marcus tagging along with us since this time we’re just claiming one NBI clearance that was supposed to be released yesterday but then Pres. GMA’s SONA stopped almost everything: work and classes – including mine.

This shot was taken by my wife at the backseat (while stuck in traffic in front of the National Museum) with Marcus wide-eyed as this is his first time to be here. If not for the crazy weather we could have given him a “tour” of the place including that of the Calesa ride which he missed the last time when my wifey and I was here to apply for our much needed clearance.

Wifey used my Nokia 5800 to take this picture and tonight I tried using it from upload to blogging but unfortunately I was only able to upload this pic to flickr and no more. The Blog This menu isn’t available when using the cellphone via WiFi. The upload speed though is remarkable and my wife and I even agree that it can put to shame both our PC and netbook in terms of loading pictures to the web.

So the longer I get to use my first touch phone, the more I appreciate that I was right when I said before that the Nokia 5800 is the perfect bum tool. And sometimes indeed, the best things in life are cheap. Agree?

Mood: 4/10 Honks! (anxious about the scheduled brownout later tonight from 11pm-6am)