BMX day


My mind is stalling. Time I guess has slowed down a lot today, that right now I can’t think of anything to blog. I already had my siesta which if according to the four mind states I should already be having some sort of creativity brewing within my gray matter after having the alpha and theta states. Now, I’m entering delta. I find it also so unbelievable as I actually had a lot of ideas flying inside my head while I was doing my early morning run – that’s the problem with relying on jotting/doodling notes. Well, at least I’ve got some other things to blame other than myself.

So left with no choice but to kill time, I allowed myself a few minutes of playing the Mafia application in Facebook, and another more minutes of wondering if I was about to argue with the real McHammer in Twitter. Finally, I decided to randomly check for what’s happening in WordPress.

I think you miss one spot right here, Dad.

I think you miss one spot right here, Dad.


If there’s something like a BMX god, then I guess he must be indeed with me today; because although I have totally forgotten (probably out of disappointment that the persistent rust has consequently caught up with my chrome-coated bike) that I have tried cleaning my decade-old BMX this morning with my ever curious son, it once again manifested itself by leading me to a blog site which shows this nostalgic video. Disclaimer: I have never ever had performed freestyles wearing those hideous shorts. Hahahaha.



Mood: 2/10 Honks!