School parking

It’s my 2nd term already in Ateneo Rockwell but it is just lately that I decided to avail of the school’s parking mainly because of one thing – avoid the Powerplant Mall or the nearby Starbucks. No, there’s neither a threat of the dreaded AH1N1 nor an occurrence of carnapping incidents. It’s just because I’m trying to save. Period.

Despite still having a parking fee just as much as in this classy mall, parking in Ateneo have kept me for two weeks already from frequenting the Dunkin Donut shop inside the mall or the more pricey Starbucks just across the street. Now I’ve been going to school with a mug (bearing my ex-employers logo) filled with home-brewed Peets coffee and sandwiches or any other bread to go along with it – in short and in plain Filipino, “nagbabaon na ako.”

My Ateneo parking experience though have been quite funny and scary. On my first day, as I reach the first basement level, I was so glad when I saw the area with about 3-4 more vacant spaces. I was thinking, “this isn’t bad…so only few people do bring their cars to school.” And so I hurriedly maneuvered myself to a spot near the elevator (access to the building) where the vacant slot is between two SUVs. Perfect. But just I was about to turn my engine off, I saw this bold sign on the wall: Dean. Law. My goodness, I’ve just occupied the spot reserved for a Dean. Of course, if that title isn’t as intimidating, the next word below it made me scram out of the area and into the crammed third basement parking.

Today is another story. Every Saturday I have a morning class and so this morning, just like the past 2 weeks, I was already in Rockwell, Makati before 7 am. This time though, I drove directly to Ateneo instead of the usual parking in front of the restos. I was the first student to be inside the parking basement. And upon reaching the student’s parking area I was surprised to see myself in a dimly lit and almost deserted area where if I could have been on an MTV, I would have seen Jacko and his posse jumping out of each column ready to start the video of “Bad” – well, good thing I wasn’t. And as if the thought of Jacko dancing around isn’t scary enough, the way to the elevator puts me this time into a Dawn of the Dead scene. Imagine this: I can barely see my way thru and what guided me, and what are just visible, were just my cellphone’s screen illumination and the flickering red push button of the elevator still a few meters ahead. Next time, if get to school this early, I might have to park back in front of the restos and see if I can resist the temptation of the coffee with the green round logo. Ti abi.


My recent parking experience made me think, “Is it only Intel that doesn’t have a reserved parking space?” If yes, I’m now missing it more this time.



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