Of Writers and Photographers

“…I remember coming home a few days after EDSA 1 and playing it on the piano without interruption, and completing this five minute song in an unbelievable two minutes. How was that possible, if the song takes five minutes to sing…”Jim Paredes

Athletes call it the “Playing the Zone”. It is a level where most play their best games. And this tends to continue as soon as they get into it and ends until they tire themselves out.

Similarly this applies to everything we do, day in day out. There are times when we spontaneously do something without even having to think about it. These are the times when everything seems to flow consistently in favor of a goal in mind. Even doing a simple household chore has its own zone.

And this zone is just as evident to writers and photographers, pro and non-pro.

The reason why I’m writing this blog because recently I felt as if I miss finding good and properly composed photos in my multiply.com network. Just a few months back there was a barrage of wonderful pictures coming from my on-line buddies but lately it seems none have posted such or as I suspect none captured any good ones. And shall I say composed something worth posting and flaunting? Hopefully, their Canon SLRs aren’t sitting in one corner, collecting molds and dusts. Hey guys keep shooting.

Well, this is also true with bloggers and reviewers. I missed the days when I’d read write ups so nice that I’d wonder if the man behind those articles (blogs) are pro in incognito or just plain individuals like me who haven’t got the bucks to purchase such expensive cameras and so therefore decided (maybe against their will) to write blogs instead. Besides this is what sets the two hobbies or pastimes apart. Photography enthusiasts (I hate it when most claim to be “Photographers”, just as bloggers claim to be as writers. Sometimes I’m guilty too), need at least a $1000 SLRs while all bloggers need is just an idea. Not a tough selection for me, of course.

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed some of my previous (more than a year ago) blogs and some made me smile and pat myself at the back; some made me turn red in embarrassment. My only consolation is my blog traffic is not that high (or could the poor compositions be one of the reasons why). Besides I don’t have a proofreader. There goes the ultimate alibi. Ti abi.

But I still remember the times when I wrote those wonderful blogs (again, just my opinion) were the times when I think I was immersed in the zone. I also observed that these are times when a favorite or good music either plays in the background or just inside my head. I think the rhythm does something with the composition especially if it goes with the emotions behind the idea that is currently set. My keyboard becomes the piano. Only difference is it produces a blog rather than music.

Even the people I admire and envy for having been gifted enough to possess such wonderful talents in both literature and photography, such as Jim Paredes and James Deakin doesn’t come free from blunders – that is, doing something out of the zone. I’ve read and seen some of their works and I can’t help but think, “Hey, this isn’t them”, or, “Did they really do this?” But then, these are busy guys and most likely the pressure of the deadlines just affects the outcome.

And with the Christmas season getting nearer each day, work activities piling up, vacations to consider, parties to attend to are all joining our already chaotic schedule, I still hope that people will still find time to focus on their tasks and duties – that is, to their online world. Let the wonderful blogs come and let those good photographic eyes capture the beauty of everyday life.