No Work, Yes Write


I can’t remember a point in my life that I’ve been among the “IN” crowd. It’s not that I’m totally a baduy, probi, outcast or whatever stereotyping word there is to describe it. But this year 2009 seems to be my year indeed – I’m an OX, and I’m about to be jobless – finally (but sadly), I’m now among the IN crowd.

And one good (I think) way of coping up with the current IN word – recession – is to spend time reading and writing while still looking for a job just to keep my brains running. Having said that, I’m adding this page to my blog (for myself and others) for the following reasons:

1. Be informed about how (and until when) this recession has spread across the globe.

2. Read and learn from others.

3. Share and contribute whatever I can so that readers of my blog will benefit (hopefully) from what I write.

4. Be able to grab any bits of opportunity to recover and be ready to face new beginnings.

This page will contain blog links that has anything to do with the current recession. I will try as much as possible to post only links that I think have decent content even if the opinions or beliefs are against mine.  So please if you see anything that may be downright offending, contact me as soon as possible so I can delete it.

The blogs will be categorized into Personal and Commercial. The personal links will contain blogs of ordinary people who either directly or indirectly experienced it. The commercial links meanwhile will contain blogs mostly about tips, advices, etc. on dealing with the recession.

Enjoy reading.

Personal blogs: – Les, Oklahoma  – Anonymous, San Francisco  – Jacksonhmills  – From a chip design engineer – Rob, Middle East – Steven – Sarah, Michigan – Mariam Williams – Nate Chadwick someone in Seattle – Kristi Daeda


Opinions, etc: this category is new and will contain specific recession-related blogs (instead of blog site) which I’ve read.

Commercial: – Kristi Daeda




The layoff obsession by Kartikay Sahay

Your loyalty is worthless by Joe Hafner

In Which Someone I Know Is Effected By The Economic Downturn – Me by


Jan’09 Sad story by Rahulingle’s Blog 








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  1. Hi Kristi, and thanks for listing my blog. FYI, for those interested, the correct url is now: Which reminds me, I have to get busy and post some more. I welcome your comments.


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